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‘DCAU is the blueprint’: DC Fans Claim Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League Series is Proof Robert Pattinson’s Batman in DCU isn’t a Bad Idea

Robert Pattinson's Batman in DCU isn't a Bad Idea

Batman has been an integral part of the DC Universe through every version of the character. The DCU has been shuffling from one place to another with ideas brewing everywhere. The franchise is going in an entirely new direction with a wave of restarting yet keeping the superheroes in their own known glory. An aspect that shines out is that the Caped Crusader, played by any actor has been a major influence on the Justice League.

Robert Pattinson Batman
Robert Pattinson as the Caped Crusader

A question that made fans ponder was how Robert Pattinson’s Batman would be included within the DCU seeing that Ben Affleck is already a part of the DCU’s Justice League. Although nothing is concrete as of now, fans have come up with interesting ideas as to how Pattinson’s version could coexist in the universe.

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Robert Pattinson’s Batman Could Be A Part Of The Justice League While Still Having His Own Story

What the animated universe for DC handled was how it allowed the DCAU Batman to have his own arc and live his own story, having his own show and continuing character development through it, while still being involved with the Justice League as and when required. Batman: The Animated Series followed Bruce Wayne’s story as an individual character, however, whenever he was required to a large scaled threat, Justice League the series involved his character as well.

the batman robert pattinson bruce wayne
Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne

Something similar could be seen in Robert Pattinson‘s version. Allowing what The Batman set up for the character and giving Matt Reeves more creative control. This would be better as not only would his Bruce Wayne be involved in the DCU, but he would also have the opportunity to grow in his storyline. This would be much better as compared to completely alienating his version of the cowled hero and keeping him outside of the DCU. Having a different storyline and yet keeping him as a part of the franchise could be a brilliant idea that James Gunn and his team could adopt.

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The Fans Support And Wish To See Robert Pattinson’s Batman Be Part Of The DCU

Robert Pattinson portrays a wonderfully grim Batman in the 2022 movie
Robert Pattinson as Batman

The character has been famous for decades now and the wish to see Robert Pattinson’s version, a version that got so much positive response from the critics in the DCU, is a common want among the fans.

While what course Batman would take and which version would go where is still unclear, it does not stop the fans from hoping and wishing to see Pattinson’s character rise more within the franchise.

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