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DCEU Theory: Atlanteans and Amazonians Are Descendants of Kryptonians

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DCEU is not among the universes that have kept a continued storyline like Marvel. Deviating from timelines, alternating directors, and, unusual plots that may or may not impact the overall storyline of the universe, a theory emerges that may finally be able to connect Amazonians, Atlanteans, and the Kryptonians wreaking havoc across the DCEU.

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The theory may connect the different people in the DCEU.
The theory may connect the different people in the DCEU.

Amazonians And Atlanteans’ Connection In The DCEU

During an important moment in Man of Steel (2013), Henry Cavill’s Superman is seen exploring the crashed Kryptonian shield. He found several dead bodies along with a pod that was open which at the time is believed to be of Supergirl.

Justice League are an integral part of the DCEU.
Justice League is an integral part of the DCEU.

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The above scene was enough for Reddit user LexOdin to work his brain through to figure out a way that could connect the relations between the Amazonians, the Atlantinians, and the Kryptonians.

According to the theory, LexOdin claims that what if after a Kryptonian ship crashed, a sole survivor remained on Earth and populated it with the help of native humans and Krypton blood? This theory states that every person is a descendant of half-Krypton and half-human. The theory further states that the first gods created were the descendants of the bonds between a Kryptonian and a human.

The first gods eventually bred with the native people until the race got diluted to the point of normalness. This left the world with a tribe of warrior women (The Amazonians), an army of underwater dwellers (The Atlanteans), and the race that started it all…the Kryptonians.

The Messed Up Continuity In The DCEU

Black Adam is the next big thing in the DCEU.
Black Adam is the next big thing in the DCEU.

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As mentioned earlier, DCEU has its fingers in too many pies. The various lined-up projects and the recently canceled projects do not have a common goal or a major villain to set as Marvel does. From alternating directors to canceling almost-made films, the DCEU’s definition of continuity doesn’t seem to agree with the general public.

The next big thing lined up by DC is Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam which is set to hit theaters on 21st October 2022 along with The Flash set to be released on 23rd June 2023.

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