DCEU Theory: WB Canceling Scores of Projects While Bringing Back Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot is Proof Zack Snyder’s ‘Holy Trinity’ is Returning

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Warner Bros. has been going through a whole lot of changes ever since the tie-up with Discovery. CEO David Zaslav made a name for himself, and not for all positive reasons. The cancellation of the much-awaited DCEU project Batgirl starring Leslie Grace, to the shelving of quite a few other projects including Strange Adventures, Batman: Caped Crusader, and Wonder Twins have left a bad taste for the DC fans.

Leslie Grace as Batgirl

But all is not lost if you ask the head honchos. There has been news of a thorough vetting process going on to find proper figureheads for induction pertaining to the DC Films and Television department. With rumors floating about Walter Hamada leaving DC Films after Black Adam, some major gaps might be created in the management, ready to be filled. Who ends up spearheading the future of DCEU is a big question at the moment, leaving fans stressed and anxious.

After the disaster that was the 2017 Justice League (or Josstice League, as fans have come to call it), DCEU was in complete disarray. And then the Arrowverse shows started to go on the decline because of bad writing, and even worse direction. Which frankly told the fans how bad it really was at the studio.

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Then slowly things were starting to look up. The Snydercut was released after much deliberation by the fans, and some other solo projects made a place for themselves like Wonder Woman and Shazam. But recently, with a slew of cancellations, things were looking gloomy once more; so it is no wonder fans have become a little agitated. once again trying to find crumbs everywhere that might provide them with some form of stability.

A Rock-y Appearance for the Kryptonian

One such crumb comes in the form of a rumor that Henry Cavill might finally make his return to the DCEU after so many years. A Superman vs. Black Adam situation has been getting teased for almost a year now, but it never looked anything more than mere gossip. Though with the movie coming close to its release, the possibility of this rumor turning out to be true is getting serious by the day. Especially given Ben Affleck’s Batman is already confirmed to be making cameos in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and also The Flash.

Man of Steel
DC’s Superman, portrayed by Henry Cavill

The future of DCEU is currently not looking too good. Cancellations, speculations, and numerous rumors plague the entirety of what’s to come next, leaving fans anxious. But if this one rumor turns out to be true, and the Holy Trinity of Cavill, Affleck, and Gadot returning for future projects is a real possibility, this could turn things around for DCEU.

With as many projects WB is canceling, the fact that they have not said a word on the Holy Trinity, has managed to revive some hope for fans. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is staying as Wonder Woman 3 is already in development. Now that Affleck’s Batman is returning, despite him having resigned from Batman projects previously, only the premise of Henry Cavill’s Superman is under speculations. And fans have high hopes that the Kryptonian is coming back to DCEU soon.

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Is it the Return of Snyderverse to DCEU?

Zack Snyder Henry Cavill
Zack Snyder on the Batman v Superman set with Henry Cavill

If Cavill’s Superman is indeed returning to the DCEU, and with Affleck’s Batman and Gadot’s Wonder Woman already in the picture; this could very well be the return of the Snyderverse. When Zack Snyder first joined the DCEU for Man of Steel, the first thing he did was bring in Henry Cavill. Cavill made a name for himself as Superman, despite the movie not doing as well as everyone had hoped. The duo still persevered, and then in came Ben Affleck as Batman for the next installment of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Unfortunately, halfway through the production of the 2017 Justice League, Snyder had to leave because of personal reasons, and in came Joss Whedon. We don’t need to get into what a mess that was. The movie was released and got a lackluster reception at best, surrounded by a myriad of controversies. After years, with much deliberation from Snyder himself, a lot of the original cast, and of course the fans, Snydercut of the Justice League was finally released to a lot of positive reviews and acclamations.

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Now that it looks like the trio is again coming together, fans are hoping this means the reinstatement of the SnyderVerse as well. And the most intriguing part is, that WB Discovery CEO David Zaslav might be interested in that too. If that is true, and Zaslav really wants to bring back the Snyderverse, this means DCEU finally will have a proper direction to move forward.

DCEU Holy Trinity
Will the DCEU Holy Trinity reunite?

Currently, with how things are going at the studio’s end, not having things ironed out before any movement could be catastrophic for the future of DCEU. And given that Zaslav has been going on and on about how he will only green-lit projects that he sees as being a part of the bigger picture of DCEU, this seems like the way to go. SnyderVerse is already set, so adding new projects to this universe will be much easier than creating a new one. And fans would be happy with this direction, given how much they fought to get the Snydercut on screen.

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How this comeback could possibly work, and how it would look to have Cavill back as the Big Blue, seems to still be up in the air for now. We can only hope that this can set the future of DCEU more stable, ready for whatever comes next.

For now, DCEU is gearing up for the release of Black Adam on 21st October 2022. (And possibly a Henry Cavill appearance.)

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