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DCEU’s New Roster of Justice League After The Flash

While everyone is busy talking about the MCU at this time of the year, DC will soon return to the limelight. WB has planned to release at least 8 movies in the next two years. In fact, we’re getting 5 in 2022 itself. So there’s a big chance that DC will be the talk of the town for a change. The Batman is going to start the proceedings in March, and the following movies will continue to get exciting from DC League of Super-Pets to Black Adam, and all the way up to Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. But everyone would agree with the fact that The Flash is certainly the most anticipated project of the bunch. Why you may ask? Well, that’s because it will lead us to the new roster of Justice League.


Sadly because of a lot of studio meddling, Justice League turned out to be a middling movie that incurred huge losses. The brand got tainted and WB resorted to making a bunch of solo stories instead. Although, we did get Zack Snyder’s Justice League which was far better. It had the set up for two more Justice League movies and several other DCEU projects that would have been related to the old blueprint. And all this could have happened simultaneously with the rest of Hamada’s Multiverse stories.

But ever since its release, WB has been adamant about not restoring the Snyderverse. Snyder’s vision of the old DCEU is gone, and now The Flash is going to make sure of it. Instead, WB is building Justice League 2.0 in a very different way!

The DCEU Reboot

New Roster of Justice League

Although I’m sad that the Snyderverse is not being restored, things certainly might have become confusing for general audiences to follow continuity-wise. WB was obviously not interested in resorting back to Snyder’s blueprint. But to remove all the confusion, they are completely altering the old Justice League roster and resorting to a new one that will be without Batfleck, Super Cavill, and Rayborg.

New Roster of Justice League

Wonder Woman is said to have a cameo in Shazam! Fury of the Gods, and Michael Keaton will be the Batman in Leslie Grace’s Batgirl movie. With reports of several characters crossing over into each other’s upcoming movies, it’s clear that WB is building a roadmap to another theatrical crossover event starting with The Flash opening up the Multiverse. Keaton’s Batman being in Batgirl is evidence enough for the fact that he’d be DCEU’s new Batman for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, Batfleck is coming back for his final movie to be written out of the franchise for good.

The Fate of Affleck’s Batman…

Back when the first reports of Ben Affleck’s return surfaced, director Andy Muschietti said that we’ve already seen the masculinity and brute force of this Batman. But we’ve not seen his vulnerability. And The Flash will give us a perfect balance of Batfleck’s strength and vulnerability. Even though this is Barry’s movie through and through, Batfleck will have a very substantial part to play in the emotional impact of the movie. And after this, we got the following tease in The Flash teaser.

Keaton being in Batgirl, the bloody Batcowl, and Batfleck having an emotional impact in The Flash are all hints for Batfleck dying in the movie. And with that death, he’d be written out permanently! On top of that, let me remind you that when Keaton was first cast in The Flash, reports stated that he’d play a Nick Fury type of role in the DCEU. And that’s what seems to be happening now.

What About Superman Though?

Henry Cavill has been saying that he still has the cape in his closet. But we have to say that his closet will likely remain shut forever. While Ben Affleck is getting a sendoff, poor Super Cavill will be written out without even getting an appearance. Superman is being rebooted in the multiverse like The Batman. And as far as the DCEU is concerned, Sasha Calle is coming in as Supergirl to replace Cavill for good. The evidence for this is Michael Shannon’s Zod.

Recent reports suggested that General Zod and Faora are being brought back. We can’t be sure of their involvement in the story, but it seems like WB could be retconning the events of Man of Steel, and recreating the Woman of Steel! We might get a flashback where the two villains could have fought Calle’s Supergirl in a different universe. And just like Keaton’s Bruce Wayne is becoming permanent in the DCEU, Calle’s Lara Lane Kent would probably get the same fate. She can even get a DCEU based solo movie after that.

Cyborg Shmyborg!!!

New Roster of Justice League

Cyborg was supposed to be in this Flashpoint movie. He would have been a part of the new DCEU. But ever since Ray Fisher and Walter Hamada had a falling out, it was clear that he’d be written out as well. So, this brings us to the new lineup that won’t have Cyborg, Superman, and Ben Affleck’s Batman.

The New Roster of Justice League

Wonder Woman

With Gal Gadot getting a Wonder Woman 3 and reports of Aquaman showing up in it, her movie would probably lead us directly into Justice League 2. She would lead the team from the front.


New Roster of Justice League

Momoa’s Aquaman is a real powerhouse and DCEU’s big moneymaker. So, he’d be what Thor is for The Avengers.

The Flash

It’s his film rebooting the DCEU. So, he’s another mainstay of the team, playing the kind of role that Spider-Man would in the New Avengers.


New Roster of Justice League

Shazam is also getting a sequel, and he’d probably even get a threequel where he will fight Black Adam. But it’s obvious that he will also join the Justice League.


WB wants nothing to do with Cavill’s Superman. So, Lara Lane Kent is coming in his place. And she’d join the Justice League for sure.

Michael Keaton’s Batman

New Roster of Justice League

I’ve already said that he would be the Nick Fury for this group. But he’d also be the Tony Stark of the team who’d pay for everything, design everything, and make everyone look cooler.


New Roster of Justice League

Leslie Grace’s Batgirl is soon going to become the new protégé of Keaton’s Bruce Wayne. So, it’s safe to say that till the time we get the next Justice League movie, she will also be in the lineup, uniting the 7!


Blue Beetle is getting a movie in 2023. So, if that film takes place within the DCEU, then I’d say that Xolo Maridueña’s Jaime Reyes could also join the league.

The Green Lantern series seems to be happening in a different universe. But we’ll have to see if one of those gets pulled into the DCEU.

Black Adam is an antihero who would probably not fit in the League. And he’d be linked with the Justice Society of America instead. Also, since The Rock is pretty adamant to fight a Superman, maybe the new Superman of color will also be pulled into the DCEU?! I guess we’ll see about that.

For now, the harsh reality is that the new roster of Justice League will be without Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck. What a waste of potential!!!

What do you guys think of this potential new Justice League lineup? Let us know in the comments.

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Written by Neal Johnson

An avid movie fan and pop culture enthusiast.