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DCEU’s The Flash Theory: Flashpoint Reverse Flash Is An Alternate Reality Barry Allen

With all the hullabaloo around The Batman, we are forgetting that another important DCEU movie is coming around. DCEU’s The Flash will bring us Barry Allen in all his glory. Ezra Miller will bring us the timeline hopping story arc of the same name by Geoff Johns. There is a really wild DCEU’s The Flash theory out there that is now taking the internet up by storm. This DCEU’s The Flash theory claims that the secret identity of the Reverse Flash has been secretly hinted at already in the trailer. And it is none other than Barry allen from another timeline.

The Flash Movie – Who’s In It?

the flash movie dceu new costume
DCEU’s The Flash

We already know that there are going to be quite a few familiar faces in the movie. Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton will both reprise their roles as Batman from the earlier DC movies. Sasha Celle will appear as Supergirl in the movie. There are also not one but two different Barry Allens as shown in the trailer. We have absolutely no idea how everything comes together as a final product. And this DCEU’s The flash Theory certainly paints a pretty picture as to how that happens.

If this theory is indeed true, DCEU’s The Flash could become a topsy-turvy roller coaster ride with its epic plot twist and turns.

DCEU’s The Flash Taking Cues From The Comic Book Flashpoint Arc

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As per common fan knowledge, the movie will definitely take cues from the comic book arc. But the story as shown in the trailer seems to be digressing. The Flash can be seen traveling back in time to try and save his mother Nora. That eventually leads to the Flashpoint timeline. But everything after that scene is absolute bonkers. There is Michael Keaton as the new Batman (we still have no concrete proof if he plays Thomas Wayne or an older Bruce Wayne). Then there’s also the second Barry allen we know literally nothing about. Because the comic book arc did not have two Barry Allens in its pages. This changes things. Since the multiverse comes into play, there is reason to believe that the DCEU may be taking some creative liberties for the big screens.

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DCEU’s The Flash Theory – The Second Barry Allen Is Secretly Reverse Flash

Por que hay 2 Flash en The Flash
The Flash Theory That Changes Everything

This DCEU’s The Flash theory openly states that the second Barry Allen is a disguised Eobard Thawne, aka the Reverse Flash. The Reverse Flash is a villain capable of super-speed just like Barry Allen. He harbors an unhealthy obsession for Barry and tries his best to derail his life. Thawne traveled back in time and killed Barry’s mom to traumatize his childhood and push him into a path of heroism. That’s how crazy he is. At times, he is also known to disguise himself as Barry in the comics and frame him for the crimes he does.

DCEU’s the Flash Theory – Further Proof It’s True

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The Batmen

This theory is further reinforced when you come to realize that Keaton and Affleck are most likely not playing father and son. It is more than probable that Keaton is playing his version of Batman from the 1989 Tim Burton movie. With words like timelines and universes thrown into the trailer, this is a likely scenario. If Affleck and Keaton are both playing Batman of their respective universes, then Barry may not have created an alternate timeline but rather jumped to a parallel timestream/universe. This reality may already have a Barry Allen of its own.

Reverse Flash The Flash Ezra Miller
Eobard Thawne

But here’s the catch – the Barry Allen of this reality may not be as benevolent. The theory claims either the Barry Allen of this reality was killed by Thawne who took his place or maybe huis reality’s Barry has gone rogue and turned into a supervillain. This would also work from a movie perspective, revealing the character that was in front of us all along was the actual villain. The twist would work because the Reverse Flash from the comic books would never miss a chance to see that dazed look on Barry’s face when the twist happens.


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