DC’s New Batman Jace Fox Pulls Off What Bruce Wayne Never Could – Forgive Himself for the Childhood Trauma, He’s Now a Much Better Dark Knight

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A crisis with Batman 666 in Future State: Gotham #16 discovers something striking about the next Batman. The hero finally manages to let off himself for the sin he committed as a kid. This is the best character development that redeems his life and furnishes new inspiration for the character’s future.


*Spoiler alert*

Batman 666 in Future State: Gotham #16
Batman 666 in Future State: Gotham #16

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This growth reflects that even with a clear conscience, he still feels being the hero is the best way to do something good for the world. He not only achieves this out of true generosity but also has a step up on the original hero.

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The future Batman Has Moved On From His Trauma

Future State: Gotham #16, DC comics
Future State: Gotham #16, DC comics

If we look back to the story, when he was attacked by the Hellfire Batarang, Jace Fox was subjected to a vision of the event he killed someone with his car. In the present, that moment tortures and also motivates him to be a better man for himself and the world, but in the future, something unique goes on. Jace Fox admits that while he is responsible for this horrible blunder, he is also more than his downfalls.


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That faith helped him to break the spell and protects him from being killed by Batman 666. It seems like he has accepted that memory of his past. Because he will never be able to correct it, he realizes that his life is not interpreted by that one event. That understanding not only helps him to break through hell but also shows how extraordinary he is.

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New York’s Batman Promises Better Days in Future

New Batman promises better future
New Batman promises a better future

Ultimately, his character development is a big thing and there is only one drawback. These changes have only happened in the possible future. Currently, he has not yet forgiven himself for his tragic past. But it seems like Jace Fox will find some stability the same way his alternate self has.

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The Future shows Jace Fox will surely come to this realization. So, if the small part of the timeline was before he forgave himself, the present-day of him won’t have the same feeling. Additionally, the fact that any edition of him could find peace means it isn’t difficult for the rest of them.


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