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DCU’s Best Superman So Far Henry Cavill Did Not Always Have a Superhuman Physique


Henry Cavill might be the fan-favorite Superman with a dashing body and spectacular features, but he hadn’t always been the muscular god that he currently is. That’s to say, all that muscle didn’t build itself. Sure, the British actor was blessed with good looks even in his youth, but he put in years of intense work to get the physique he has at present.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

The Man of Steel star actually used to be quite hefty back when he was still a teenager approaching the murky threshold of adulthood. In fact, up until his early ’20s, he was still relatively healthier as compared to his current bulky yet lean build. But after vigorous and unrelenting effort, as all good things often require, Henry Cavill gradually found his way to becoming the stunning man that he is right now. It’s actually surprising how he didn’t win this year’s PEOPLE’s Hottest Man Alive title.

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A Glance into Henry Cavill’s Youth 

Henry Cavill‘s prolific career in Hollywood started off at the age of 17 with the 2001 film Laguna marking his acting debut. Soon after that, he worked in various other movies like The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) and I Capture the Castle (2003), all of which were somewhere along the lines of period dramas.

Up until then, though, a young Cavill was still on the verge of establishing himself in a more prominent light in the film industry. Given how he was still a mere teen back then, Cavill was also not at his fittest. When he went to audition for James Bond in Casino Royale, the movie’s director even called him “chubby,” and he ultimately ended up losing the role due to his weight. But ever since then, the Tudors star started to work on himself with all his focus wholly on the prospect of growth.

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A young Henry Cavill
A young Henry Cavill

Even as a kid, Cavill had been a bulky one, but it’s worth noting that he had never been ashamed or embarrassed about the fact. The Justice League actor is always seen to be taking constructive criticism in a good measure instead of wallowing about it. He himself attested to the same thing, claiming how it later helped him to become the gym enthusiast that he is today; the man genuinely loves working out.

Henry Cavill Worked Hard Towards Attaining His Godlike Physique 

Even at the age of 39, Cavill is a heartthrob with insanely good looks and a body that looks like it has been crafted by Michaelangelo himself. But all that didn’t just come to him served on a silver platter. The Enola Holmes star actively worked toward his goal by maintaining a solid workout routine and following a healthy diet at all times.

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Cavill at the gym
Cavill at the gym

Cavill made it a point to develop a mindset focused on growing, both emotionally and physically, and then he gave it his best again and again till he got real results. From waking up earlier than the sun even blinked dawn to being consistent at the gym even on days when he felt like skipping, especially during those days, Cavill did it all. And that’s how he became the real-life Clark Kent that he portrays on the screen. After all, all great things take time.

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