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Dead Poets Society: Ethan Hawke Was ‘Irritated’ By Robin Williams’ Acting

American actor Ethan Hawke has revealed that he once found his late “Dead Poets Society” co-star Robbin Williams incredibly irritating. Similarly, he even assumed that the feeling was mutual. However, the actor also admitted that he had many memorable moments on the movie set with Robin Williams. Yet, both had their differences with each other, and Ethan has been pretty vocal about it.

Ethan Hawke, the ‘Reality Bites’ star, opened up about his breakthrough role in the 1989 school drama ‘Dead Poet Society’ and his experience with his co-star Robin Williams.

During a QnA at the Karlovy Film Festival, the actor unfolded the pages of his life about his relationship with Robin Williams.

Despite their differences, the actor told Variety that Williams helped him land his first agent after assuming his co-star didn’t like him. The agent called Hawke to tell him how Williams had excited him up for incredible upcoming talent.

Hawke even told the entertainment outlet, “I thought Robin hated me.” “He had a habit of making a ton of jokes onset. At 18, I found that incredibly irritating. He wouldn’t stop and I wouldn’t laugh at anything he did.”

Furthermore, the 50-year-old actor also admitted that he didn’t care about Williams because of his all-the-joking-around nature.

Robin Williams

Though Robin Williams impressed audiences with his dramatic performance in the movie, he was his usual self during the film’s filming.

Robin Williams

On that note, the lifelong funnyman was cracking improvisational jokes with that well-known energy. Nevertheless, this has helped Robin be widely known as one of the greatest comedians of all time. However, on the other hand, Ethan was a newcomer and only 18 years old, didn’t quite enjoy all this unnecessary humor.

Out of all of the jokes, Ethan was outspoken about one in particular.

Robin Williams

He said, “There was this scene in the film when he makes me spontaneously make up a poem in front of the class. He made this joke at the end of it, saying that he found me intimidating. Of course, I thought it was a joke. As I get older, I realize something is intimidating about young people’s earnestness, their intensity. It isn’t very comforting- to be the person they think you are. Robin was that for me.

Unfortunately, Robin passed away in 2014, but he saw some potential in Hawke. Hawke admitted that he will always be grateful for William’s contribution to his career.

Robin Williams

At that time, it was one of Hawke’s very first roles, yet he had to prove himself to get established in the Industry. Williams not only saw potential in him but also helped him on the set of the movie.

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