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Deadpool 3: Domino Actor Zazie Beetz Would Love To Play The Character Again

While we don’t know much about Deadpool 3’s casting details or development yet, fans can be assured that Zazie Beetz would return to reprise her role of Domino. The character was played by her in Deadpool 2, where Domino is a member of the Mutant X-Force led by Wade Wilson which he formed to save a young orphan mutant. Domino doesn’t boast many powers; she’s just lucky – a quality that is initially doubted by Deadpool but soon, it becomes clear that her uncanny luck can prove quite helpful in life-threatening, high stakes situations.

Domino Was Well Received By Fans

Domino played by Zazie Beetz
Domino played by Zazie Beetz

In 2019, it was confirmed by Ryan Reynolds that Deadpool 3 will be brought forward by Marvel Studios but very few details have been revealed on the project yet. The lack of spoilers is mostly due to Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox which bought the Deadpool and X-Men franchise under the Disney umbrella.

While the first two Deadpool films were produced by Marvel and Fox, the third is being made by Marvel Studios which works separately from Marvel Entertainment under the supervision of Kevin Feige. Unlike the two Deadpool films fans have seen yet, Deadpool 3 will be soon integrated into the MCU, which is well known got keeping its films details under strict wraps until the promotion begins.

Deadpool 3 Is Still Under Wraps By Disney

Deadpool will soon return in the MCU
Deadpool will soon return in the MCU

The script of Deadpool 3 isn’t finished yet but co-writers Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin and Wendy Molyneux already have a go-ahead from Beetz to bring the character back, according to a report by In the interview, Beetz can be seen as quite enthusiastic about reprising her character. Beetz had enjoyed playing Domino so much that she’d happily sign for a never-ending franchise, and well, some spinoffs.

“I would love to revisit Domino. I would love to do a Deadpool 3, 4, 5, 7, 19. I’ve also wanted to be like, ‘Maybe I could just do my own origin story.’ I feel honored to have been able to depict her on screen and to have played with her, as her. I love her and so I would be more than happy to revisit her on camera. And I think I will. If Disney doesn’t make it happen, I’ll make it happen.”

Producers will also note Beetz’ interest in playing the character again, keeping in mind the possibilities that may come by bringing her into the MCU. Whether she returns to reprise Domino or not, Ryan Reynolds had also revealed his plans for another film based on X-Force which will hopefully give more screentime and storyline to Domino than what we saw in Deadpool 2. Marvel has recently sought a lot of success with supporting characters in various spinoffs and MCU’s wide spectrum offers multiple avenues for exploring Domino’s character.

While what Beetz said about fleshing out Domino’s story herself sounds exciting, it’s unlikely that she’d have this option to do so legally unless working alongside Disney. For now, X-Force was placed on hold on and has been ultimately set aside after the Fox-Disney merger, however, if we believe the reports, the proposed film might be under talks.

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