Deadpool 3 Officially In Development at Marvel Studios

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Disney has officially made its first move in incorporating the recently acquired Fox Marvel properties into the MCU with the announcement that a third Deadpool movie is now in development.


Deadpool was originally owned by Fox as part of it’s X-Men Cinematic Universe and the character was commercially the most successful of the said universe which also included the Wolverine trilogy and main X-Men saga.

In fact, the Merc with the Mouth, who was made even more popular than his comic-book counterpart by Ryan Reynolds, was the one lynchpin that fans were concerned about when the Disney-Fox acquisition was taking place, given the House of Mouse’s family-friendly brand and the fact that both Deadpool and Deadpool 2 were R-Rated movies.


Now with the news that Ryan Reynolds announced on the Christmas Eve broadcast of Live with Ryan and Kelly, it does in fact look like fans will have the Deadpool they have grown to love since the first movie back in 2016.

However, Disney does seem to be keeping Deadpool as he was for those first two movies, which should allow for the character to add a plethora of fourth-wall jokes about the move to his arsenal.

It does seem to be the case that Reynolds’ Deadpool will be the only character originating from 20th Century Fox’s Marvel brand that won’t be getting the Disney treatment.


While we do not know any spoilers or plot details at this early stage, it shouldn’t be the case that Disney will try to take away this antihero’s R-Rating status considering for a while the first two movies were the highest-grossing R-rated movies of all-time, only recently being beaten by Warner Bros’ Joker.

In fact, collectively, Fox’s X-Men franchise is the highest-grossing franchise worldwide for R-Rated movies not only because of the Deadpool movies but also 2017’s Logan which altogether beat out Keanu Reeves’ Matrix trilogy by $4.5million.

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No word has been spoken on when Deadpool 3 will be released, but with Kevin Feige’s current slate of not only movies but also Disney+ shows dominating the entertainment industry chatter for the next few years at least, it’s likely we may see Deadpool 3 around the same time as this mysterious ‘Mutants’ movie emerges.

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Written by Jai Howlett

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