Deadpool 3 Rumored to be Bringing Back Dafne Keen as X-23 With Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Amidst Logan Breakout Star Landing Mystery Star Wars Role

Deadpool 3 Rumored to be Bringing Back Dafne Keen as X-23 With Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Amidst Logan Breakout Star Landing Mystery Star Wars Role
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Logan was a huge movie as it allowed us to bid farewell to our favorite mutant from Fox’s X-Men, i.e. Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. But James Mangold also did a wonderful job introducing X-23 into the mix. Dafne Keen played Laura Kinney in Logan pretty well and Fox certainly would have continued with an X-23-centric project if they were still a separate studio. But new rumors have suggested that she may have a chance to return in Deadpool 3, or perhaps even Avengers: Secret Wars.


Goodbye Fox’s X-Men, Hello MCU’s Mutants!

Marvel Reportedly Focused on Race-Swapped and Gender-Swapped Major X-Men Characters

It is well known that Kevin Feige was also involved with the first 3 Fox X-Men movies that came out in the early 2000s. That’s where his career truly took off and now we’ve got a rumor suggesting that he wishes to bid farewell to the original X-Men characters on the big screen within the MCU. Trusted Insider Grace Randolph stated in her latest video that Kevin Feige is using the multiverse Saga to say goodbye to his OG X-Men and then he will bring in his own MCU Earth-616 based version of the team. Here, watch the video if you haven’t:

MCU X-Men When?! - Avengers Secret Wars Fox X-Men FIRST

An interesting takeaway from this video was about Laura Kinney/X-23.

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X-23’s Potential Return

X-23 Dafne Keen

While Randolph mostly focused on the OG X-Men members throughout the video, she also spoke about a potential return for Dafne Keene’s X-23. According to her, Deadpool 3 could also feature Keene’s X-23, since she proved to be such a fine addition in the past. Nothing is concrete yet. But Grace’s insights and scoops have turned out to be true time and time again. So, maybe we could see a cameo, or even a team-up of Deadpool, Logan, and X-23, along with the likes of Cable, Domino, and Colossus. That would really be a killer squad!

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Deadpool Wolverine and X-23

Deadpool 3 is obviously bringing Wolverine back, but we reckon that he’d be a variant of the one that died in Logan. After all, Hugh Jackman promised that Deadpool 3 won’t be touching that ending. But maybe it could still involve Logan’s X-23, picking her character up a few years after Logan. That way, she’d get closure by teaming up with a Wolverine variant that looks just like the one she lost. Or perhaps, she could also play a different variant that comes from the same Earth as Jackman’s upcoming Wolverine variant. Both Logan and Laura could come in as a combo in that case.


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Dafne Keen has grown into a fine young talent with her performance in His Dark Materials on HBO. So, adding her would only be a plus for Deadpool 3, which is going to be the next No Way Home kind of movie event closing out 2024 for the MCU. It will make us nostalgic for the characters we’ve loved in the past. But nothing about X-23 is set in stone yet. So as always, take this rumor with a grain of salt!

Deadpool 3 arrives on November 8, 2024.


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