Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman Film May Have Confirmed a Major Avengers 6 Change That Confirms Doctor Doom isn’t Coming

A Secret Wars comic book was seen in the 'Deadpool & Wolverine' teaser.

Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman Film May Have Confirmed a Major Avengers 6 Change That Confirms Doctor Doom isn't Coming


  • 'Deadpool & Wolverine' teaser had a 'Secret Wars' cover in one of it's frames.
  • This has led fans to speculate that Deadpool would find himself referencing the source material to try and defeat whatever enemy he will be fighting.
  • This has also caused fans to hope that 'Deadpool & Wolverine' will set the record straight for the MCU in it's upcoming phases.
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Deadpool & Wolverine has seen a lot of traction from fans in the wake of its teaser. Fans have been breaking down the teaser meticulously, pouring over every minute detail that had even a second of screentime. Deadpool & Wolverine is an important film for the MCU in more ways than one, and one particular detail has fans speculating what is to come for the franchise at large, especially with Avengers: Secret Wars.

Deadpool 3
A still from Deadpool 3 trailer

In the teaser, was a shot where we could a comic cover for 2015’s Secret Wars run, one that placed Doctor Doom at the center of its conflict, slotting him in for the Beyonder from the original story, way back in 1984. However, given that we also see the Void in the teaser, as it was depicted in Loki, fans have begun speculating who would be the Doom/Beyonder stand-in in the MCU for Secret Wars.

Deadpool & Wolverine might have teased one of Deadpool’s powers

Alioth, Loki, Deadpool
Alioth of the Void was teased in Deadpool 3

In the teaser for Deadpool & Wolverine, Alioth is seen eating a TVA agent. We also see Deadpool in a place that has the 20th Century Fox logo, and it makes the perfect sense for it to be at the End of Time rather than anywhere else. The issue of Secret Wars that is seen in the trailer has been identified by, multiple sources as Secret Wars #6, an issue that deals with the creation of Battleworld under the leadership of Doom.


Deadpool has been known to stop the flow of his narrative and reference the source material of whatever situation he is in, whether it be comics or television. It seems that Deadpool will be referencing the comics outright, trying to figure out a way to either defeat Alioth or try to tell variants apart from each other. There could be multiple reasons for the presence of the issue in the film, but it makes sense that it will be related to Deadpool’s abilities since there is a lot of precedent for it.

Deadpool could directly lead to Secret Wars

Credit: Alex Ross/Marvel Comics
Secret Wars. Credit: Alex Ross/Marvel Comics

While Kang the Conqueror has been teased and played with throughout the MCU, there has been little indication as to where the franchise is going with him. Secret Wars puts a lot on the line for our heroes, but it’s not as clear-cut as Infinity War was. There was a clear vision and an understanding of where the story was headed, but somehow it failed to happen with Kang and Secret Wars.

Deadpool & Wolverine could change that, finally alluding to Secret Wars and giving fans a premise of what they can expect from the franchise going forward. Comic-Book readers could know what Secret Wars is all about, but the general audience has less of an idea, given that Kang the Conqueror has not only been teased but also made an appearance in a film, before being promptly defeated.


The third film featuring Merc with a Mouth might finally be able to give casual viewers and the wider audience a vision that could align with a clear structure for the MCU.


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