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Deadpool 3 Star Emma Corrin Open to Playing Male Characters as Being Nonbinary for Them is a “Very Fluid Space”

Deadpool 3 Star Emma Corrin Open to Playing Male Characters as Being Nonbinary for Them is a "Very Fluid Space"

Emma Corrin had come out as non-binary in July 2021. Since then, the industry that was witnessing an emergent talent in films and shows alike suddenly found its star being an open target for hate, harassment, and bullying. The hate that Corrin has received since their coming out almost two years ago has only recently been made public by the actor. After the early award season of 2023, Corrin found it discomforting and unjustifiable to be out as non-binary and be simultaneously nominated at the Globes in the female category.

As such, the Deadpool 3 star has now spoken up about their wish to be cast in male and non-binary roles since the scope of their birth-assigned sex feels very limiting to them.

Emma Corrin [via Variety]
Emma Corrin [via Variety]
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Emma Corrin Expresses Interest in Male and Nonbinary Roles

Emma Corrin has spoken up about them finding it very liberating to be out as non-binary. Their gender fluidity then also allows Corrin to put themselves forward for the role of a male character. The Pennyworth actor has rarely expressed their wish for a gendered role before, but considering how the industry can be a little slow sometime to catch up to change, it remains a pertinent task for actors to fight for a role outside of what they have been stereotyped in.

“There aren’t a lot of nonbinary parts out there. We need to be supporting queer writers and developing projects and welcoming these narratives into the creative space. But also, being nonbinary for me is a very fluid space where it’s not a rejection of femininity or masculinity, it’s sort of an embrace of both. My experience on this earth has been a female one, up until recently, and I still love all those parts of me.

[…] I suppose it’s also what the industry sees you as, and I think, hopefully, that is shifting. The beauty of acting is taking on a character that doesn’t necessarily have to be completely in tune with your own experience. It’s sort of a way to explore. But I would love to play nonbinary, new parts, male parts. Anything, as long as it’s right.”

Emma Corrin
Emma Corrin

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Currently, Corrin has been advocating for gender-neutral categories in award shows as well as film and television. They have been vocal about the need for a space where more queer content and as such, queer actors can thrive creatively in the industry.

In an interview with BBC News, the actor remained optimistic about the subject and claimed that not only do they “hope for a future in which that happens,” but the prospect of having more gender-neutral opportunities in Hollywood itself is a step further toward everyone feeling more “acknowledged and represented” in times to come.

Emma Corrin’s Hollywood Career: A Brief Introspective

The Crown actor shot into fame last year after being in a string of series and films, ranging from controversial to heartbreaking. Appearing as Princess Diana in the fourth season of Netflix’s The Crown, the lead in the eponymous Netflix adaptation of Lady Chatterley’s Lover, and the book-to-movie Amazon Studios adaptation, My Policeman – it all worked in tandem to put Emma Corrin on Hollywood’s radar.

Emma Corrin as Lady Diana Spencer in The Crown
Emma Corrin as Lady Diana Spencer in The Crown

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Their growing reputation has now landed them a coveted role in Marvel’s upcoming film, Deadpool 3, as the lead villain. However, it remains to be disclosed in what capacity Corrin will be appearing in MCU or who they will portray. Although, considering how Marvel has always adapted to represent the world outside, and representation has been key to making the franchise home to each of its fans, the hope for the CBM industry fulfilling that promise persists in the back of our minds.

Deadpool 3 premieres on November 8, 2024.

Source: Vanity Fair

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