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Deadpool Cheated To Beat Logan In Marvel Comics Wolverine #88

deadpool cheated to beat logan

Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool 3 announcement brought excitement and anticipation among Marvel fans as Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is finally joining the Merc with a Mouth in one action-packed movie!

Wolverine Deadpool
Wolverine and Deadpool

The collaboration of these two X-Men mutants has often been hinted at several times in the past, especially in the post-credits of Deadpool 2. There is something chaotic and satisfying seeing these two anti-heroes interact with each other. At long last, the fans will get what they have been wishing for.

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Deadpool And Wolverine’s First Meeting Ended Badly

Deadpool Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

Deadpool and Wolverine have so many interactions in Marvel Comics, sometimes they team up, but most of the time, they beat each other to death. Literally, Deadpool beat Logan to the ground, and he did it in the most Deadpool fashion.

In Marvel’s Wolverine #88 issue, Logan and Deadpool’s first encounter ended in a brawl. Indeed, there is no need to worry because both mutants have incredible healing abilities. They can regenerate torn tissues and repair broken bones at will, allowing them to survive gunfire, knife blows, or even explosions.

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Deadpool Wolverine #88
Marvel’s Wolverine #88

This fight was quite controversial for Wolverine fans, as any fan would normally react had their favorite character lost because his opponent is claimed to have cheated. Deadpool served as a guest character in Wolverine #88, but there is no way the Merc with a Mouth would just sit on the sideline. Deadpool is hunting a character named Kane, who apparently is dating his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa.

The story gets more exciting when Logan asked Deadpool, “What’s your beef with Kane, anyway?” The two mutants clawed and sliced at each other until the mercenary struck Logan’s lungs. After which, he joked, “Now you can sing, ‘I left my heart and lungs in San Francisco!’

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Proof That Wolverine Is Way Tougher Than Deadpool

Wolverine Claws
Wolverine’s adamantium claws

It is not easy to beat a hundred-year-old mutant with so much experience in combat. Wolverine has long been a staple character in the X-Men franchise since he first appeared on the comic pages of Marvel in 1974. Clearly, Deadpool would not stand a chance if he fought fair.

Logan managed to survive the blow, albeit slow and struggling. In the end, he was able to save Vanessa from Deadpool as the mercenary also planned to kill the woman. Despite his near-death experience, Logan sustained the fatal attack, proving he is one of the strongest and fiercest mutants in the X-Men universe.

Deadpool 3 is set to arrive in theatres on September 2024.

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Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.