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Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld Destroys Legendary Marvel Writer Mark Waid, Brands Him as ‘Notorious Whiner’ for Calling Comic Book Industry Ageist

Mark Waid and Rob Liefeld

Mark Waid has recently shared his opinion on how the comics industry has evolved throughout the years. However, Rob Liefeld does not seem to agree with the comic book creator and calls him out for ranting about it publicly. Although Waid did not mention any name in his post, some mentions led Rob Liefeld to believe that Waid was talking about him and did not hesitate to call him out. Waid even shaded Rob Liefeld for not getting more opportunities from studios due to his writing style. 

Mark Waid
Mark Waid

Mark Waid has been around for a long time. He has worked on DC’s The Flash, Kingdom Come, and Superman: Birthright and also contributed to Marvel’s Captain America, Fantastic Four, and Daredevil. Even after continuously getting work from Marvel and DC, his recent work seems to have failed to impress fans. 

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Mark Waid Shares a Long Post About Ageing of The Comic Industry

Mark Waid, known for his work in many Marvel and DC projects, shared a long Facebook post. The post was about how the comic industry has changed and is now more focused on producing more commercial content rather than creative.

Mark Waid
Mark Waid

The post started with Waid advising beginners and aspiring creators but he soon gets lost in rambling about how it all ends with time, and no one can be the best forever. He starts his post with, “For beginners and aspiring creators, I offer you some observations on the Life Cycle of a Comics Creator–a mixture of advice and cautionary tales.” 

He went on to talk about how one gets to be the favorite one forever, no matter how talented or skilled they are. He said, “And there’s the natural assumption among editors and fans, right or wrong, that no one can keep consistently hitting homers forever.”

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He further talks about how this led to the downfall of the creators, who have failed to grow with time. He said that their work has become so predictable that it does not seem as fresh and creative to editors and readers as it did once. 

Mark Waid
Mark Waid

With his post, Mark Waid seems to be pointing toward the recent practices of the comic industry. The comic industry has been criticized for hiring foreign artists, even after them not being as talented as required. These foreign artists lack the same level of expertise as the earlier comic creators. They also do not seem to connect with their characters very well and are unable to put out every detail about them.

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Rob Liefeld Calls Out Mark Waid  

There is no doubt that taking on any social media platform to rant about anything can never be a good idea. Every time someone has decided on something like this it never has any positive outcome. The same thing seems to be happening with Mark Waid. Talking about the past commercial-style comics, he may have shaded other comic creators with a few statements in his post. 

Rob Liefeld
Rob Liefeld

In his post, he shared a few quotes from other artists, which included, “Nobody knows what’s good anymore! Don’t they know who I am? My comics outsold the crap they’re publishing now, and, boy, is it crap! Why back in my day…” 

Though he did not name anyone, Rob Liefeld took it on himself and replied to him with, “Interesting given the bitter source that wrote this. Notorious whiner. I mean, seriously.” 

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld
Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld

To which Waid replied, “You have something you want to say directly to me, Rob, just call or write.” He also said that Rob Liefeld does not have to go behind his back and take cheap shots at him in public. 

Mark Waid has been engaged with multiple Marvel and DC projects and has been praised for Kingdom Come, which is taken as his best work. But in recent years, fans seem to be losing interest in his work, leading to the studios avoiding including him in their projects.

This could have led him to write this huge post ranting and complaining about the changes in the comic industry and shading his peers. 

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Written by Laxmi Rajput

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