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Deadpool Reportedly a Multiverse Adventure Featuring Several Loki Characters Including Owen Wilson’s Mobius and Miss Minutes

Deadpool Reportedly a Multiverse Adventure Featuring Several Loki Characters Including Owen Wilson's Mobius and Miss Minutes

The MCU has opened the door of infinite possibilities for many of its characters. This means that fans can expect the unexpected and will get to see the characters of different marvel films interact with each other in the multiverse. Deadpool 3 is just one year away and fans are already happy that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is returning. Apart from that, recent rumors suggest some interesting cameos to become part of the film.

It’s undeniable that Marvel never fails to surprise its fans with various cameos. A cameo from this particular Disney+ series will definitely break the internet.

Deadpool 3 Will Have Loki Series Characters?

Loki and Mobius
Loki and Mobius

A recent interaction of Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds with one of Loki’s key characters Miss Minutes has ignited rumors on the internet. Fans are eagerly waiting for this crossover to happen but from Marvel’s side, it’s still not confirmed. Previously, Reynolds had a short Twitter conversation with a Miss Minutes fan page and fans have already started speculating about Loki character’s cameos.

Miss Minutes fan page greeted Ryan Reynolds by tagging him in a tweet, ” Hey there [Deadpool] … Love, Miss Minutes.” The Red Notice actor also replied to her tweet by saying, “Hello Miss Minutes.” Well, even though no one knows if the rumor is legit or not. But as Marvel is setting up stories for its big Avengers project, such cameos are possible.

Apart from Tara Strong’s voiced Miss Minutes, Owen Wilson’s Mobius is also expected to reprise his role in the film. Jeff Sneider, a reporter at a news outlet reveals that there will be a TVA and Merc With a Mouth crossover.

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Deadpool 3 Onboards Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds
Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds

Last year, Ryan Reynolds announced the return of Wolverine which indeed broke the internet. After the news came in, fans were totally confused as to how Marvel is bringing their beloved back from the grave. But Reynolds has made it clear to the audience that they are not going to touch the ending of 2017’s Logan.

He mentioned that the story of Deadpool 3 takes place before the Jackman-led film. Hugh Jackman already bid adieu to his character in 2017, but he started having second thoughts 20 minutes into watching the first film of Deadpool.

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Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

He also mentioned that Ryan Reynolds tried to convince him various times to come back and the actor was like “I’m done”.

“And then here we are. It was so quick. And trust me, there’s not a morning I don’t wake up where Ryan Reynolds is outside my house with posters saying, “Please.” He’s constantly asking me about it. And I was like, ‘Dude, I’m done. I’m done, I’m done, I’m done, I’m done, I’m done.’ So then when he rang me [back], he was like, ‘Are you serious?’ So yeah. I’m a terrible poker player. All this time I was saying I was done, I really meant it. But anyway, somewhere deep down, this idea was obviously lurking and brewing.”

What Marvel has in store for the audience, will be worth the wait. The Wolverine character’s return has already made fans enthusiastic but if the rumor is true of Loki’s character being a part of the film then the film has already become a blockbuster.

Deadpool 3 will arrive in theatres on November 8th, 2024.

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