Deadpool & Wolverine: Casting Taylor Swift as Lady Deadpool Won’t Make Any Sense After This Insane Theory Reveals Her True Identity in the Movie

Given that Deadpool & Wolverine is a multiverse film, there are a slew of people other than Wanda Wilson who can be behind the mask of Lady Deadpool.

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  • Deadpool & Wolverine might have a secret twist as to who is Lady Deadpool, if she is in the film.
  • A Reddit theory suggests that it could be Wade's daughter from another timeline, one where he and his wife have the child they were discussing in Deadpool 2.
  • If Lady Deadpool is indeed Wade's daughter, this could cause Wilson to poke fun at Wolverine by referencing James Mangold's Logan.
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Deadpool & Wolverine is set to feature a host of variants of Deadpool, and perhaps some of Wolverine as well. The film is anticipated to be one of 2024’s most successful films and is probably set to feature Lady Deadpool among the sea of cameos that the film will no doubt have set up for future films and fan service.

Lady Deadpool
Lady Deadpool || Marvel Comics

If Lady Deadpool does indeed show up in Deadpool & Wolverine, a theory on Reddit has come forward with the notion that the character would not be Wanda Wilson, a female variant of Wade, but another character altogether, based on dialogue from Deadpool 2 and what has been set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far.

The Lady Deadpool we see in Deadpool & Wolverine could be Wade Wilson’s daughter

A shot of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine from Deadpool & Wolverine trailer | Marvel Entertainment
A shot of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine from Deadpool & Wolverine trailer || Marvel Entertainment

According to the theory, posted on Reddit by u/Pietin11, the Wade and Vanessa that we see in the trailer are not the ones that we have been following from Deadpool 1 and 2. As opposed to a pair that is madly in love and planning a family together (as seen towards the end of Deadpool 2), the theory suggests that audiences will follow a sanitized, TVA-friendly version of the characters, one where Deadpool is still close with Vanessa, but their lives are not as heavily intertwined as they are in Deadpool 1 & 2.


This would allow Vanessa to steer clear of any sort of fallout from Wade’s career as Deadpool, hence the unromantic and platonic ‘buddy’ dialogue in the trailer.

However, given that the trailer also depicts the End of Time with Alioth, where audiences know all pruned objects and people end up, Deadpool, over the course of the film, might come face to face with his daughter, who has received Deadpool’s powers and predisposition to cancer, and has taken up the mantle of Lady Deadpool.

Now, this would beg the question ‘Why is Wade Wilson’s daughter at the End of Time?’. The answer is simply this: The theory states that Wade had to time-travel to save Vanessa from her death, as seen at the end of Deadpool 2. This makes Cher’s very existence a paradox, given that she was born in a branching timeline where Deadpool saves Vanessa, causing Cher to be born after her mother’s death.


If Lady Deadpool is indeed Wade’s daughter, there is sure to be a Logan reference in the film

Logan (2017) || 20th Century Fox
Logan (2017) || 20th Century Fox

While Ryan Reynolds has said time and again that the MCU is going to leave James Mangold’s Logan alone, should Lady Deadpool indeed be Wade’s daughter, Cher (the name Vanessa and Wade picked for their daughter in Deadpool 2), and not Wanda Wilson as many are predicting, Deadpool is bound to take the opportunity to tease Logan/ Wolverine with references to Logan, famously about Wolverine building a relationship with a daughter he never knew he had.

Deadpool & Wolverine has a lot riding on it, as not only is it Marvel’s only release for 2024, but it is also the first film to come out from the studio after 2023, one of the most disappointing years for Disney across the board, be it Star Wars, Marvel or Disney Animation.

The film, with its star power and association with one of the most lucrative properties that Disney has had, audiences can assume that Deadpool & Wolverine is a make-it-or-break-it venture for the House of Mouse, the consensus for which will define what the coming years look like not just for Marvel, but for the Walt Disney Company in general.


Deadpool & Wolverine makes landfall in theatres on July 26th, 2024.


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