Deadpool & Wolverine Theory is the Most Epic TVA Twist No One Saw Coming

The TVA might be having a Dead-pool party for all we know - it's raining Deadpools everywhere!

deadpool & wolverine


  • Deadpool & Wolverine will see the return of the TVA in MCU.
  • It might seem weird at first why the TVA is so badly in need of the Merc with a Mouth.
  • However, the following theories might give a hint why the TVA is so fixated on Deadpool's special skills.
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The hype surrounding Deadpool & Wolverine is unreal. And it is a given that when the Merc with a Mouth and the Clawed Mutant team up, whether in comics or on-screen, the result is going to be an explosion of gore and profanity. Deadpool will be hitching a ride with the TVA in his latest adventure, and we can only imagine what’s coming next – for the multiverse, timelines, and the TVA itself.


Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool & Wolverine [Credit Marvel Studios]
Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool & Wolverine [Credit: Walt Disney Pictures]
The Deadpool threequel is still a few weeks away, and fan theories are as diverse as the timelines popping up all over the internet. A lot of these theories are aimed at why the TVA is specifically after Deadpool and why he’s the one who can save the multiverse.

If that tickles your fancy, buckle up and get ready for a ride that is as wild as Deadpool’s fractured mind!


Healing factor: The key to saving the multiverse?

One of the most popular theories looks at Deadpool’s ability that he is most famous for – his regeneration. Throw anything at him, knives, bullets, bombs, nothing ever stops him, he can heal himself at an astonishing speed and survive almost anything. And given the kind of Omega level threat that the multiverse and timelines are facing, as teased in the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer, he will absolutely need it.

Deadpool & Wolverine [Credit Marvel Studios]
Deadpool & Wolverine [Credit: Walt Disney Pictures]
It might also be the reason why he chooses Wolverine to accompany him on his little trip. While his own regeneration ability is slightly better than Logan’s, he’s still a force to reckon with. After losing everything dear to him, he would be more motivated to redeem himself. After all, Deadpool awakened his powers thanks to Wolverine, as he was injected with a serum from the Weapon X program.

This would also explain the various variants rumored to be accompanying the duo on their warpath, such as the Deadpool Corps and Dafne Keen’s X-23 Wolverine. So basically, the TVA might be just throwing Deadpools at the problem until one of them succeeds. Every time a Deadpool dies, they just go to another timeline and get a new Deadpool and feed him/her the same line about how he’s destined to save the timelines/multiverse.


Why is the TVA so fixated on Deadpool?

Screengrab from Deadpool 3 Trailer
Screengrab from Deadpool 3 Trailer

Apart from his healing factor, there might be another reason why the TVA is so focused on Deadpool. There are very few fictional characters who have the ability to break the fourth wall and interact with the audience. Also, at the end of Deadpool 2, we saw him going back in time to correct “some mistakes” using Cable’s time-traveling device. And the TVA goes after people who try to mess with timelines.

However, the new TVA is not supposed to be as cruel or rigid as the previous one. And they might’ve noticed something peculiar about Deadpool’s antics; that he can actually make changes in a timeline without letting it spread into multiple branches, which can be very helpful against a foe that can rule an entire timeline.

It’s also possible that TVA did try other characters before, but subsequently failed and are now stuck with their last option, thus making Deadpool “the chosen one.” This might also explain the rumored She-Hulk cameo that was removed from the film, a character also known for breaking the fourth wall.


Combining both of these theories, we can see why the TVA might be obsessed with Deadpool. Maybe Deadpool really is the “key,” but not in the way we initially expected.

Deadpool & Wolverine is coming to your theaters on 26th July 2024.

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