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Fox Reportedly Not Pleased With ‘Deadpool 2’ Early Test Screening Reactions

Early test screenings for the still untitled Deadpool sequel have been shown to audiences, and they did not respond well to the anticipated film.

Blogger Jeremy Conrad had this to say about the reactions:

“Fox screened Deadpool 2 tonight (not Dark Phoenix again) and….yikes! First reaction wasn’t what I expected to hear.”

Of course, this wasn’t what anyone expected hear, especially Fox. Deadpool opened in 2016 to positive reviews and big box office success, grossing over $700 million worldwide.

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Conrad revealed more details about the sequel, including that the character of Vanessa is disappointingly wasted and the movie is a half hour longer than the first, and an uninteresting plot.

Other Twitter users also chimes in on the test screen reactions, with Robert Mayer Burnett comparing it to Alien 3.

It should be noted that test screenings will not be the be-all, end-all consensus of the film. The Deadpool sequel hits theaters May 18.

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