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Death On The Nile: Top 5 Most Villainous Characters

Death On The Nile Top 5 Most Villainous Characters

It has been a while since we got an Agatha Christie novel adaptation on the big screen. Kenneth Branagh’s Death On The Nile is a star-studded crime mystery film that will keep the audience at the edge of their seats. Everyone is a suspect, whatever their intentions and motivations may be.

Based on Christie’s novel of the same title, Death On The Nile tells the narrative of the newlywed couples, Simon and Linnet Doyle, as they travel to Egypt for their honeymoon. The ex-lover, Jacqueline, follows them, and the series of murders started happening. So, who actually did it? Here are the top 5 most villainous characters from Death On The Nile:

*Spoilers ahead.*

Louis Bourget

Death on the Nile Louis Bourget

The killer can sometimes come with a sweet face. Louis is Linnet’s maid, and she held grudge against her mistress. She did not kill her, though, but she saw who did. Instead of reporting it, she blackmailed the killer to make money.

Louis, however, did not make it to the end. The killer got rid of her before things get out of hand. Still, this makes her a wicked character for obstructing justice.


Death on the Nile Bouc

Just like Louis, Bouc witnessed the whole crime but kept silent. He could not say anything because he was also committing a crime during that time. He went to Linnet’s room to tell her that Simon was shot, but he saw that she was already dead. He took the chance to steal her precious Tiffany & Co. necklace to pay his debts.

But Bouc not only witnessed Linnet’s murder but Louis’s, too. Even so, he still kept his mouth shut. In the end, Bouc became a witness, and this also became the reason for his demise.

Andrew Katchadourian

Death on the Nile Andrew Katchadourian

Andrew is Linnet’s cousin and trusted lawyer, and he is one of the most vicious characters. He manipulated her into signing documents and cheated many times for business purposes. Aside from that, he also attempted to kill her and her husband.

When Simon and Linnet sneaked around the temple, Andrew saw the opportunity to push a boulder that would crush the poor newlyweds. The attempt was unsuccessful, and he confessed to his wrongdoing during Hercule Poirot’s investigation.

Simon Doyle

Death on the Nile Simon Doyle

One of the killers, Simon planned to marry Linnet for her money. He manipulated her by making her believe that Jacqueline is following them. And the worse thing is that he shot her in her sleep.

All of Simon’s lies and gas-lighting ended when Poirot found the truth. There is no way he can redeem himself, and his untimely death just paid for his crime.

Jacqueline de Bellefort

Jacqueline Bellefort

She is the mastermind of the crime. Since the beginning, she always envied Linnet, money and beauty. Jacqueline made sure that her ex-friend’s last days would cause her nightmare. The anxiety and trouble she caused Linnet is just too much to bear.

In the end, she and Simon confessed to their crimes, and in between kisses, she shot both of them. There was no way out of this crime than death itself.

Written by Ariane Cruz

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