Debunking One Heavily Discussed Mystery About Ben Affleck’s Accountant As We Get Closer to a Sequel

Ben Affleck's The Accountant, which had baffled viewers with its ending, is getting a sequel.

Debunking One Heavily Discussed Mystery About Ben Affleck's Accountant As We Get Closer to a Sequel


  • Ben Affleck was the star of the 2016 film The Accountant, which saw him play an accountant leading a double life.
  • The film's ending left viewers scratching their heads, but it is apparent that Affleck's character is not operating alone.
  • The film will be getting a sequel soon, with Amazon buying the rights and the original cast set to return.
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Ben Affleck has starred in several acclaimed films in his career, and The Accountant happens to be one of them. Affleck has carved a name for himself as an actor and a director, with films such as The Town, and the Academy Award-winning Argo.


The Goodwill Hunting star is a very versatile actor, and he has proven himself capable of playing a wide range of characters. From embodying the iconic superhero Batman to being an autistic criminal, Affleck has done it all. Most importantly, though, he is set to reprise his role in the sequel to The Accountant very soon.

Ben Affleck in The Accountant
Affleck’s film is getting a sequel (Source: The Accountant)

The Accountant, starring Ben Affleck, baffled viewers with its ending

Ben Affleck is one of the most talented actors in the industry. He was able to flex his creative muscles as Christian Wolff in the 2016 film, and his collaboration with Gavin O’Connor paid off. The film was lauded for its story, Affleck’s acting, and its depiction of autism, although not everyone was happy with the latter.


Affleck’s Wolff leads a double life, working as an accountant publicly, but secretly, he is a bookkeeper for criminal organizations. The plot follows Christian as he is asked to audit Living Robotics, a legitimate firm, due to a discrepancy. The company’s CFO dies mysteriously, and in the meantime, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network is trying to capture him for his various crimes.

Wolff, however, proves to be a very slippery customer, with the law on one side, and assassins on the other. He manages to escape using the skills his father taught him as a young boy. In a flashback sequence, we learn more about Christian and his struggles, which led to his mother to leaving the family. He is taken to Harbor Neuroscience, where he meets a young girl who is completely nonverbal. Christian’s father rejects the institute’s offer to help his son.

Ben Affleck in The Accountant
Affleck played a double agent in the film (Source: The Accountant)

Instead, he decides to overload Christian’s senses by exposing him to his triggers relentlessly. He also trains him and his brother in martial arts. As an adult, Wolff is an expert marksman, and he resorts to rock music to calm himself down.


The plot takes a bit of a complex turn as a lady with a robotic voice shows up. She turns out to be his partner in crime, helping him find his clients. By the end, we see that Harbor Neuroscience, where Christian was taken as a child and where he met the lady, is doing very well, mostly due to the donations from Wolff. The lady happens to be the young girl Christian met as a child.

The film’s ending left the door open to a possible sequel, and it is in the pipeline. Deadline reported that Amazon Studios will be producing the sequel, with the actors set to return.

What do we know about the sequel to the film?

Amazon Studios bought the rights to the film from Warner Bros. recently. Not much else is known, except that the actors will return, as well as O’Connor, who directed the first film.


The sequel will possibly pick up where the first film ended. Affleck will once again play the highly intelligent account, Christian Wolff and Jon Bernthal will play his brother, Braxton. J.K. Simmons and Cynthia Addai-Robinson will be back to play Ray King and Marybeth Medina, the two hunting Wolff, respectively.

The Account
Amazon Studios is producing the sequel (Source: The Accountant)

In 2021, in an interview with CinemaBlend, the director mentioned that he would give Bernthal a bigger role in a sequel. He further added that even a third film might be in the works, which would focus on the brothers.

Affleck’s film earned $155 million globally, and Amazon likely has another hit on its hands. As of now, The Accountant can be streamed on Netflix.


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