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Defenders: 12 Reasons Netflix Should Revive The Defenders Universe (But Keep It Outside The MCU)

The MCU is churning out shows and movies at lightning speed. But looks like it is time for Netflix to bring back The Defenders because we need a change of pace.

The MCU Leaves Little Wiggle Room For Shows

Kevin Feige has carefully worked with the many Marvel Directors to keep the precious MCU timeline intact. The infallible timeline of events is Marvel Studios’ greatest accomplishment. Everything is planned out and there’s little to no room for error. This also ends up complicating things for future projects. Every upcoming project under Marvel must adhere to the events so that there aren’t any holes in the timeline. The Netflix shows, if allowed to exist outside the MCU, could work around that problem.

Dark & Gritty Is Something MCU Has Failed To Master

Ever since The Winter Soldier, the MCU shows and movies tend to stick with a rather formulaic approach. And this creates an issue because the Netflix shows relied on making things grim and dark. Take for example the Punisher or Daredevil. Both the shows rely on gritty storytelling to engage the fans.

A Better Villains Roster

This may be a very unpopular opinion. But the Netflix Defenders-Verse shows have an overall better villains’ roster. The Kingpin and Kilgrave are examples of villains done right. The MCU has a huge array of villains but only a few of them are memorable. If you look at the frequency of memorable villains Netflix has given us in just a few shows, it looks like they know what they are doing.

The Defenders-Verse Must Tie Up Loose Ends

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A lot of loose ends have been left hanging that the Netflix Marvel shows must answer. What happens to Sergeant Pointdexter after he wakes up from his coma and becomes Bullseye? Luke Cage has taken ownership of Harlem Paradise. How is Power Man doing? Even Jessica Jones has a lot of loose ends we need answers to.

New Original Characters Could Be Introduced

The Netflix shows did give us a lot of original characters not seen in the comic books. The origin stories of many of the characters were also changed to fit the plot. Creating an original character just for the show is not necessarily a bad thing. Harley Quinn was created the same way in Batman: The Animated Series.

A Defenders & Agents Of SHIELD Could Be Possible

Now this is another show that Marvel Studios did dirty. If possible, the Defenders-Verse and the Agents of SHIELD universe could crossover. Shows in different networks and platforms never stopped the Arrowverse Crossovers from happening. And it shouldn’t hinder the Netflix shows too.

MCU Shows Lack A Personal Touch

How Every Marvel Disney+ Show Connects To The MCU Movies

The MCU shows are not made to be their own vessel. They act as vehicles for the movies. WandaVision prepped Scarlet Witch fir Doctor Strange 2. Loki helped create the Multiverse for MCU Phase 4 7 beyond. The Netflix Marvel shows can exist on their won. They do not need to appease or run an agenda for the movie universe.

Defenders Not Follow The Disney+ Weekly Episodic Format

One major complain against the MCU Disney+ shows is Disney+ is completely subverting the original idea behind streaming services. An episodic format for a web-series goes against the logic of online OTT platforms. Netflix follows the binge-watch rule – it dumps all episodes in one go. We need that back.

A Chance For Actors Snuffed By Marvel To Make Their Mark

There are so many actors the MCU just plain forgot. Olivia Munn played reporter Chess Roberts in Iron Man. Natalie Dormer’s Lorraine from Captain America is another one. Kata Mara cameoed in Iron Man 2, her character being promised to have a larger role in MCU in the future. Even Terrence Howard comes to mind. All of them could be brought into the Netflix shows to make their mark.

The Action Choreography In The Netflix Marvel Shows Is Very Different

And we mean VERY. Just take a look at Punisher or daredevil. Even Iron Fist, one of the most panned Netflix Marvel shows, has unique action choreography. The fights are bloodier, bone cracking, and full of ultra-violence. You won’t see that in the MCU shows.

The Defenders-Verse Shows Focus On Inventive, Riskier Storytelling

The MCU shows follow a pattern. Each Defenders-verse show tells its story in a completely different manner. It’s riskier but also very innovative.

Could Use Characters The MCU Movies & Shows Wants Nothing To Do With

As vast it might be, there are many Marvel characters even the movies and shows cannot accommodate. That’s where the Netflix shows come in. The Defenders-verse could use such characters.