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Defiant Dwayne Johnson Trolls His Haters After Winning Favorite Movie Actor at Kids Choice’ Awards 2023: “Black Adam scored the biggest opening weekend of my career”

Defiant Dwayne Johnson Trolls His Haters After Winning Favorite Movie Actor at Kids Choice' Awards 2023: "Black Adam scored the biggest opening weekend of my career"

Even though last year wasn’t the definitive year for the industry’s biggest star, it seems that Dwayne Johnson’s popularity among kids is still unfazed. And despite the underwhelming reception of his most passionate projects at the box office, the actor has finally something to cheer about his DC projects, involving Black Adam and DC League of Super-Pets.

Despite not being in the talks of any other major Award Ceremonies, Dwayne Johnson’s reputation amongst the children has finally given him the deserved recognition for his beloved DC projects.

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Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson wins at 2023’s Kids Choice Awards

Despite being one of his most passionate projects, Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam didn’t pan out well among the fans and went on to become a colossal failure for both Johnson and the DC studios. But it seems that amidst the film’s critical and commercial failure, The People’s Champion has finally something to cheer about, considering his recent win at Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

At the Award ceremony, not one, but the Black Adam star went on to garner two precious accolades for his DC projects. The Awards included Favorite Voice performance for DC League of Super-Pets and Favorite Actor for his ambitious project Black Adam. And even though the actor’s vision of crafting the DC universe around his character has been put into the sandbox, at last, the Black Adam actor has finally something to smile about for the movies.

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DC League of Super Pets
Dwayne Johnson’s DC League of Super-Pets

Dwayne Johnson expressed his gratitude for the unexpected win for his DC projects

Despite his dreams of facing Superman in the following sequels to Black Adam has been sidelined, Dwayne Johnson didn’t back away from cherishing this win and took a moment to appreciate his fans. And even though both movies weren’t well received at the box office and didn’t live up to their expectations, The Rock didn’t shy away from acknowledging his time in these movies following the surprising win.

Though Black Adam wasn’t the global hit they were expecting, Johnson expressed his gratitude towards the children and fans for providing recognition to one of his most beloved projects.

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Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam

Despite the eventual box-office failure of the Superhero flick, The Rock didn’t shy away from acknowledging the fact that Black Adam landed the biggest Box office opening of his career. And although his future with the DC studios is under wraps following the change in DC’s regime and James Gunn’s new vision, fans will hope to witness Johnson in the role of Black Adam in DCU’s future.

Black Adam is available to stream on HBO Max.

Source: Dwayne Johnson’s Twitter 


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