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10 Wild Demands Made By Actors On The Sets

A popular actor’s life is no less than that of an emperor. It takes a truck full of people to craft a movie or show. But no matter how much efforts everyone puts into a project, the actors are the face of the film. They understand their worth very well and don’t shy away from taking advantage of it. These stars command special treatment and expect the crew to be their Genie. Some actors are pretty easy to work with while some make bizarre requests. The producers and the crew are left with no option but to go beyond their abilities to fulfil the wishes. Find out the 10 wild demands made by actors on sets.

Will Smith

Will Smith

Everyone has their own way of working. Will Smith follows a unique style to dedicate 100% attention to filming. He preferred spending most of the time at the set and rarely went home. It really isn’t that excruciating as it sounds, though. Even we are more than okay with spending 24 hours at work if we are provided with a double-story RV and a separate RV for the gym like Will Smith got for “Men in Black 3”. It was okay for the star to get such a luxurious RV even though his home wasn’t that far away from the sets.

George Clooney

george clooney gravity

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It’s not surprising that a classy actor like George Clooney will demand royal treatments. Some would even say that his demands were way bigger than his actual role in “Gravity”. He wanted access to a private garden with a picturesque view, basketball court and customized beach hut for himself.

Johnny Depp

JOhnny Depp

Have you ever cheated during an exam but ended up scoring way more than the person who showed you the answers? Johnny Depp’s luck was aiming for a similar goal. The talented actor earned his greatest fortune and greatest success after starring as Capt. Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise. Given his ability to blend into any quirky character so naturally, Depp surely deserves all the praise. But how do his costars feel about it? Sources suggest that the actor never memorized his lines. He read them from cue cards or made his assistants read to him through an earpiece.


Tom Cruise

tom cruise

Action movie directors must be relieved when Tom Cruise refuses to use a stunt double. He is kind of a one-man-army who can charm his audience while also running over trains and hanging from Burj Khalifa. Tom Cruise is not so different from his movie characters as he performs the stunts himself. So, what’s the secret behind his surreal action moves? Fitness? CGI? Superpowers? It is THONGS! Yes, the actor only asks for tailor-made thongs that allow him free movement.

Samuel L. Jackson

samuel l jackson

This legendary actor’s demand is not bizarre, but makes total sense. We even wish that our organizations shared the same vision as he does. Or perhaps, if we were as powerful and influential as Samuel L. Jackson to receive that treatment.  He is an excellent actor who will dedicate every ounce of energy to his work. All he demands in return is some arrangements for his recreational activities. Jackson’s style of work involves frequent breaks that help him retain his creativity.

Lena Headey and Jerome Flynn

game of thrones 1

Being with your former partner in the same room is hardly a good idea ever. Bless the souls who claim that they and their exes are “still friends”. Lena Headey and Jerome Flynn are the real pictures and probably the most relatable. Just imagine that it’s your first day at the firm but God forbid, you discover that your ex also works at the same place. Nothing would happen except that the world around you might start imploding. These “Game of Thrones” actors went through a similar situation when both of them were cast for the iconic series. So, they did the most prudent thing by adding an interesting condition in their contract. It prevented the team to put these exes in the same room throughout the show.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

arnold schwarzenneger

We have all dreamt of things that we’d do if we were Hollywood superstars. The iconic “Terminator” star did the same by utilizing his diva days to the fullest. According to reports, his contract for “Terminator 3” stated that the productions should provide him with a three-bedroom deluxe suite, personal gym equipment and more luxuries. Apparently, the actor also wanted his say to be considered while hiring crew members, chefs, makeup artists, and even co-stars.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence


This case of “wild demand” is slightly different from other entries on this list. It wasn’t Jennifer but the X-Men makers who expected too much from her. The poor actress had to show up on the sets hours prior to others and sit for eight-hours while the makeup team painted her body for Mystique. After spending almost 24 hours daily at the productions, Lawrence requested the director to find alternate options. She was elated when they switched to bodysuits.

Gary Busey

gary busey

How do you argue when someone says that they have seen the afterlife? The makers of “Quigley” were left speechless and baffled when actor Gary Busey claimed that he saw heaven during his near-death encounter. He insisted the crew redo the sets for the heaven scene and take ideas from his experience.

Mike Myers


We are never tired of revisiting our favourite childhood movies such as Harry Potter or Shrek. In fact, Shrek was one of the first animated films with a satirical dig at cliché fairytales. We might be watching this film for the 100th time and still find ourselves laughing at several moments. “Shrek” was a hilarious love story between a princess and a recluse Ogre.

mike myeers

The titular and fan-favourite ogre was voiced by Mike Myers. No doubt he did a perfect job in bringing life to the grumpy Shrek. However, reshooting a film is completely different from rewatching it. Myers gave a nightmare to the studios after he requested to record his voice again from the top. Apparently, he wasn’t satisfied with the final result and made the studios burn $5 Million more to redo the process.




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Written by Ipshita Barua