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Demo for Upcoming Alone in the Dark Reboot Starring Jodie Comer and David Harbour Now Available

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THQ Nordic has revealed that the highly anticipated remake of the influential, classic survival horror game Alone in the Dark is set to launch on October 25th 2023. The company also confirmed that Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer and Violent Night’s David Harbour will portray the game’s two main characters. Excitingly, it was also revealed that a playable preview of the new Alone in the Dark title is now available.

Developed by Pieces Interactive in collaboration with THQ Nordic, a prologue for the game was released on May 25th for PlayStation 5, Windows PC (via Steam), and Xbox Series X. In this prologue, players assume the role of a young girl named Grace Saunders, who embarks on a mission to mail a letter. The prologue is devoid of combat, with developers emphasizing that it aims to offer a glimpse into the game’s atmospheric and moody aspects rather than its gunplay.

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Upon the full Alone in the Dark’s release in October, players will be able to choose between playing as Emily Hartwood (portrayed by Jodie Comer) or Edward Carnby (played by David Harbour). Together they will navigate the enigmatic Derceto Manor, a remote countryside hospital, in search of Emily’s missing uncle, Jeremy Hartwood. Depending on the protagonist chosen, players will experience varied reactions from other characters and encounter different story elements. The gameplay will encompass discovering clues, solving puzzles, and engaging in intense and challenging combat. In dire situations, players may have to resort to melee weapons or throwable objects if ammunition runs scarce.

The Alone in the Dark remake has the potential to be a modern horror classic.

Are you afraid to be Alone in the Dark?
Are you afraid to be Alone in the Dark?

Regarding the game’s puzzles, the developers aim to provide flexibility in difficulty levels. Players can opt for a more detective-like experience, allowing the game to assist them in finding clues and determining their next steps, or they can choose a more challenging path with minimal guidance.

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The new Alone in the Dark remake was initially announced in August, promising an updated version of the 1992 original. The game features a captivating narrative crafted by Mikael Hedberg, known for his work on titles like Soma and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Drawing inspiration from the first three games in the Alone in the Dark series, the remake will incorporate familiar characters, locations, and thematic elements.

Alone in the Dark is scheduled for release on PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X.

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