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Denis Villeneuve Appreciated Nolan’s ‘Tenet’; Called It A Major Cinematic Achievement

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things. It has also affected the Hollywood industry badly. One such instance is the announcement Warner Bros. made. They decided to stream all its 2021 movies on HBO Max on the same day of theatrical release. However, prominent directors weren’t happy with the decision. Hence, a lot of controversies came up. Almost all of us are aware of them! Nevertheless, directors didn’t stop doing what they love doing- making movies. This time we can see directors appreciating each other for their work. Check it out:

Denis Villeneuve expresses his love for Christopher Nolan's Tenet
Denis Villeneuve expresses his love for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet

Denis Villeneuve Appreciated Nolan’s ‘Tenet‘; Called It A Major Cinematic Achievement

Christopher Nolan's Tenet received mixed reviews
Christopher Nolan’s Tenet received mixed reviews

Earlier this week, Denis Villeneuve’s Dune made it to the theatres and has been receiving good reviews both from the audience and critics. However, Denis wasn’t happy with WB’s decision of streaming movies online. Recently, visionary director Christopher Nolan praised Denis’ movie Dune calling it “an incredible piece of work.” He also said the movie was “compelling at every turn.”

Denis Villeneuve was having an interview with The Playlist wherein he expressed his liking for Nolan’s movie “Tenet“. Denis said it was “an incredible cinematic achievement.” Moreover, he was “blown away” He further went ahead and called Nolan the “best filmmaker working in the world today.” However, Nolan’s movie “Tenet” received mixed reviews at the time of release by both the audience and critics.

Movie: Tenet
Movie: Tenet

Villeneuve also stated that Nolan’s movies are supposed to be watched in a theatre for the best experience. He said he himself went to the cinema several times to watch his movie, Tenet. Denis said, “you can’t watch a Nolan movie at home”. Denis also said that streaming movies online would lead to piracy easily. Many people now feel comfortable watching movies from home, but Denis expressed some movies are only meant for theatre watch, like Nolan’s. Sci-fi big project movies won’t have the same essence in the living room as they’ll do in the theatre’s big screen!

Christopher Nolan's film Tenet
Christopher Nolan’s film Tenet

Denis Villeneuve is right on his part since these directors, actors, and the whole production team put in a lot of sweat, blood, and efforts in the making of a movie, be it any genre. Moreover, directors, or we can say humans supporting, uplifting, and appreciating each other are always great!