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Denji May Be the Most Selfless Chainsaw Man Character Contrary to Popular Belief

Denji's selflessness is often overshadowed by him Chainsaw Man identity that involves a lot of brutal killings

Denji May Be the Most Selfless Chainsaw Man Character Contrary to Popular Belief


  • Chainsaw Man is one of the most interesting manga of the modern day with several interesting characters who shape up the story as a pseudo shonen, with a touch of seinen.
  • Out of all the interesting characters, Denji remains the most selfless and caring character, even though he is portrayed as a destructive minded killing devil.
  • Denji has suffered a lot in life, so he is on a path to forget his past life and has always put his close ones before himself, even he took care of Makima's dogs, so that they are not abused and Nayuta can have a peaceful and normal life.

Chainsaw Man remains one of the most intriguing partial shonen manga, with a bit of seinen features. The popular manga has been adapted into an anime, and it has received positive reviews. With blood and death at every corner of the story, it has a unique story with characters that leave a lasting impression on its readers and watchers.

One of the most exciting characters of Chainsaw Man is its protagonist, Denji. Denji is a poor boy who became the Chainsaw Man after coming in contact with the Chainsaw Devil. He is recruited by the Devil Hunters to work for them. Even though Denji is seen to love killing and being the Chainsaw Man, he is a selfless guy who puts everyone before him.

Denji Is The Most Caring Character In Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man

Denji is the main protagonist of Chainsaw Man. Initially, he is shown to have only one desire – the companionship of a female. Having been born into a poor family and living in the slums, it is natural for him to want the basic needs of life. Apart from that, he also killed his father, and his mother died. So, he is a lone warrior in the whole world.

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But all these negativities do not affect him. He remains the most selfless and caring guy in Chainsaw Man. After Makima’s death, he took care of all of her dogs. He could have left them alone or sold them. But the thought of them ending up under abusive owners made Denji take them in. The same thing happened with Meowy, Power’s cat.

barem addresses nayuta as a witch
Denji Protecting Nayuta

Then there is Nayuta, the reincarnation of the Makima, or the Control Devil. Denji is taking care of her whole-heartedly. He is always looking to earn money so that she can go to college and become successful. Their relationship involves a lot of hugs. Nayuta can express herself properly, all thanks to the Chainsaw Man. Keeping Makima’s dogs is another reason to let Nayuta lead a normal life since those animals were her pets from her past life.


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Denji Is Trying To Forget His Past Life

Under the influence of Makima, Denji has killed and slaughtered numerous Devils. He loved the thrill of being the Chainsaw Man and causing bloodshed. But after taking in Nayuta, Denji’s personality has completely changed. Even though he was caring, taking Nayuta in has left his blood-soaked life behind. He is seen to not want to change into his devil form under critical situations.

Denji - Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man

The news about the fake Chainsaw Man is hurtful to him since he is tarnishing his name, but still, he won’t go out of his way. While most people feel it to be downgraded and disgusted with it, there is no denying that our beloved Denji has become an ideal human. Maybe all this was due to him not having a human heart, or else he might have a twisted nature.

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