‘Depp knew… and it was slowly killing him’: Johnny Depp Reportedly Knew About Amber Heard’s Wild S*x Orgies With Billionaires – That’s What Made Him a Drug Addict

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It’d be pretty heartbreaking to hear that your partner cheated on you in a relationship, and it would especially be more devastating if she were your wife. Johnny Depp was reportedly in the same situation and turns out his case was even worse according to the reports.

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Heard and Depp at an event

Adding to the long list of controversies surrounding Depp’s divorce and subsequent legal proceedings with his ex-wife Amber Heard is a new report suggesting that the Aquaman actress was involved in s*x orgies with billionaires. According to the reports, this is what made Depp turn to drugs to find solitude and relief because hearing such news about your partner is definitely going to take a toll on your mental health.

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Amber Heard Took Part In Orgies, And Johnny Depp Knew

The drama surrounding all the vile stuff that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have done to each other seems to never get to a finish line if there is one, and new reports of Heard taking part in s*x orgies with billionaires just add to it.

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Heard and Depp in The Rum Diary

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These reports, however, are nothing new to Depp’s ears. According to Pop Topic, he already knew about the orgies that she was part of which were “slowly killing him“-


“Anybody who is anybody in Hollywood has heard of Amber’s wild orgies, and sadly that means Depp knew too. He knew, and it was slowly killing him.”

The reports continued, saying that Depp didn’t take to the news very lightly. Instead of confronting Heard, he turned to alcohol and drugs to soothe the pain away-

“He didn’t want to confront Heard, he just ran away, went on benders to try and kill his emotions and thoughts with drugs and alcohol.”

It’s a wild report to believe in, but it doesn’t seem not likely considering all the controversy surrounding Heard’s treatment of Depp during their miserable marriage that lasted less than two years.

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Hollywood’s Elites Were Shocked That Amber Heard Got The Aquaman Role

Recent reports are suggesting that Amber Heard getting the role of Mera in Aquaman was of much interest to Hollywood executives, who were shocked upon hearing the news of her being cast in the movie.

Amber Heard FandomWire
Heard as Mera in Aquaman

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A member of Hollywood’s elite, who anonymously spoke to Pop Topic about Amber Heard and how she got the role in Aquaman


 “A lot of us were actually pretty shocked when we found out that Amber Heard had been cast as Mera in the Aquaman movies — not because of the Johnny Depp situation but because she’s not a great actress. I would hesitate to even call her b-list.”

That’s quite the insult to call her a B-lister since she was cast alongside Depp in The Rum Diary before her role as Mera in Aquaman, and Depp was still a big name in Hollywood back then.

Source: Pop Topic


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