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10 Despicable Things Homelander Has Done

10 Despicable Things Homelander Has Done

From his superhuman abilities to his charismatic public persona, Homelander also known as the Living Weapon has been revered as one of the mightiest heroes of The Seven. However, behind the scenes, the leader of the superhero team has a dark side that is often kept hidden from the public eye.

Over the course of three seasons, Homelander has committed several despicable acts that have shocked and horrified fans. In this article, we will delve into 10 Despicable Things Homelander Has Done and explore the darker side of the superhero world.

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Homelander Kills Stillwell

Homelander Kills Stillwell
Killing Madelyn Stillwell

In season 1 of The Boys, Homelander killed his own boss, Madelyn Stillwell, by lasering her in the head. This was a shocking moment that demonstrated Homelander’s true nature as a sociopathic killer. Stillwell was one of the few people who could control Homelander and keep him in line, but even she was not safe from his wrath. This act set the stage for the rest of the series and showed that no one is safe from Homelander’s power. Moreover, Stillwell was a mother figure to Homelander, and his killing of her showed how twisted and disturbed he truly is.

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Homelander Lets the Plane Drop

Homelander and Queen Maeve
Dropping the Plane

The Living Weapon intentionally caused a passenger plane to crash, killing everyone on board. This was a horrifying act of terrorism that Homelander committed to boost his own public image and create a common enemy for the public to rally against. This also showed how little regard Homelander has for human life and how far he is willing to go to get what he wants. The scene was also particularly gruesome, with Homelander calmly using his heat vision to cut through the plane’s hull and kill everyone on board.

Killed Black Noir

Black Noir
Black Noir

In season 3, Homelander killed his fellow Seven member Black Noir by impaling with his bare hands. Black Noir might have been the only one of The Seven strong enough to eliminate Homelander. However, Homelander killed Black Noir after learning that Black Noir knew the truth about his father, but never told him. This showed how ruthless The Living Weapon can be and how little he values the lives of his colleagues.

Letting people die

Letting People Die

Throughout the series, The Living Weapon has often refused to save people from danger, instead choosing to let them die to boost his own image. For example, in season 1, he refused to save a group of people from a terrorist attack, instead choosing to pose for selfies and bask in the adoration of the crowd. This demonstrated how little Homelander cares about human life and how he is willing to sacrifice innocent people for his own benefit. It also showed how he is more concerned with his public image than actually using his powers to help people.


Blackmailed Starlight

Homelander Blackmails Starlight
Blackmailing Starlight

The Living Weapon used his knowledge of Starlight’s secret to blackmail her into doing his bidding. He threatened to reveal her relationship with Hughie to the public unless she followed his orders, which included performing sexual acts for him. This was a disgusting abuse of power and showed how Homelander uses his position to control and manipulate those around him. It also showed how he has no qualms about using his position to exploit and abuse women.

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Assaulted Maeve

Queen Maeve and Homelander
Assaulted Maeve

In season 2, Homelander assaulted his fellow Seven member Maeve by breaking her arm. This was a brutal act of violence that Homelander committed after Maeve criticized him for his actions. It showed how The Living Weapon is willing to use physical force to control those around him and how he will lash out at anyone who challenges his authority. It also showed how he has no respect for his fellow superheroes and sees them as nothing more than pawns to be used to further his own goals.

Killed innocent people

Homelander Kills Innocent People
Killing Innocent People

Throughout the series, Homelander has killed numerous innocent people, including bystanders and protesters. For example, in season 2, he killed a group of protesters who were demonstrating against him. This demonstrated how little The Living Weapon values human life and how he is willing to commit mass murder to achieve his goals. It also showed how he is willing to use his powers to silence those who oppose him.

Forced Himself on Becca

Homelander and Becca
Forced Himself on Becca

homelander used his superpowers to force Becca Butcher, the wife of his enemy Billy Butcher, to have sex with him. This was a horrifying act of sexual assault that showed how he is willing to use his position of power to commit heinous crimes. It also showed how he has no respect for the personal boundaries of others and sees himself as entitled to whatever he wants.

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Abandoned his son

Ryan and Homelander
Abandon his Son

Homelander abandoned his son, Ryan, after discovering he had powers, leaving him in the care of his enemies. This demonstrated how little he cares about his own flesh and blood and how he is willing to sacrifice his own son for his own benefit. It also showed how he sees his son as nothing more than a tool to be used to further his own goals.

Manipulated Stormfront

Stormfront and Homelander
Manipulated Stormfront

We conclude our list when he worked with Stormfront to manipulate the public and consolidate their power, even though he knew she was a dangerous white supremacist. This demonstrated how Homelander is willing to work with anyone to achieve his goals, regardless of their morality or beliefs. It also showed how he is willing to put aside his own principles to further his own interests.

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