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Despite Achieving Record 24M Instagram Followers, Henry Cavill Distancing from Social Media Due To Toxic Fans Attacking Girlfriend Natalie Viscuso for The Witcher Fiasco?

Despite Achieving Record 24M Instagram Followers, Henry Cavill Distancing from Social Media Due To Toxic Fans Attacking Girlfriend Natalie Viscuso for The Witcher Fiasco?

Recently, Henry Cavill reached another milestone on social media after acquiring 24 million followers on Instagram. Although a staggering count, it was also only a matter of time, especially considering the number of headlines the former Superman star has managed to grab in the past half year. The actor who had stepped into 2022 with an incredible career ahead of him was left with no Witcher role at Netflix and a definitive boot by Warner Bros. by the end of those 12 fateful months.

Now, Cavill dives headlong into bringing alive his dream of creating a live-action Warhammer universe. But that hasn’t stopped the fans from finding a reason to speculate about the actor in the absence of an appropriate amount of social media activity from his end.

Henry Cavill and Natalie Viscuso
Henry Cavill and Natalie Viscuso

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Fans Speculate as Henry Cavill Goes AWOL From Instagram

The Justice League actor has never been missing from Instagram for so long without reason, and that too when there’s an occasion to celebrate. Henry Cavill now has 24 million Instagram followers which usually would mean a follow-up acknowledgment from the actor via an eloquently worded post. However, when the celebrity failed to do what his fans were predictably expecting him to do, that could only mean one thing – trouble in paradise.

Henry Cavill finds stability with Natalie Viscuso
Henry Cavill finds stability with Natalie Viscuso

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Fan speculations have always been known to border on the fringes of sensationalism and while tabloids feed off of such rumors and more often than not, contribute to those themselves, the current rumor does have some logic to it. Henry Cavill’s partner, Natalie Viscuso, has come under a lot of backlash from fans recently after Cavill’s rushed exit from The Witcher. Many have claimed that it was Viscuso’s doing and blamed her, without evidence, for convincing the actor to leave the Netflix series for his Superman role, which he eventually ended up losing as well.

Accordingly, the unceremonious absence of Cavill from social media has been traced back to the toxic backlash from fans over his exit. And even though it isn’t the exact form of paradisical trouble that gets the paparazzi billowing on cloud nine, it does inspire some respect for Cavill for (allegedly) boycotting Instagram in protest of his partner facing baseless attacks.

Twitter Reacts to Henry Cavill’s Absence From Instagram

Henry Cavill with partner, Natalie Viscuso
Henry Cavill with his partner, Natalie Viscuso

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There are many reasons why Cavill would distance himself from social media for a certain period. Although it hasn’t even been that long since his last post, Henry Cavill is busy building his Warhammer Cinematic Universe and one would imagine him being knee-deep in plans and blueprints right now to even consider reaching over for his phone to check his followers count. But fans being the concerned netizens that they are have taken to Twitter to express some worried reactions over the actor’s apparent absence.

Currently, the deal at Amazon Studios finds Henry Cavill serving as the executive producer of Warhammer 40,000 as well as its lead star. As such, the actor taking a break from social media, for work or mental health, and not finding himself answerable to the world for his every decision is only natural, if not a completely normal course of action.

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Written by Diya Majumdar

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