Despite Amber Heard Forcing Johnny Depp To Leave America, James Gunn’s DCU Is Still Busy Marketing Her As Mera In New Aquaman 2 First Look Photo

Despite Amber Heard Forcing Johnny Depp To Leave America, James Gunn's DCU Is Still Busy Marketing Her As Mera In New Aquaman 2 First Look Photo

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s much-publicized and ugly defamation case continues to hover over their careers. Recently, photos were released of the ‘first look’ of Heard’s DCU character and fans were quick to point out that James Gunn’s DCU’s marketing of her character can lead to a negative impact on the movie especially since many allege it was her who drove Depp away from America.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

Despite Heard and Depp moving on in their professional and personal lives, the public hasn’t forgotten their long ugly battle in the court, drawing attention to it every now and then. And this seems to be just the instance for this case.

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Amber Heard’s First Look From Aquaman 2 Revealed

The newly released toy featuring Mera's first look from Aquaman 2
The newly released toy featuring Mera’s first look from Aquaman 2

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Aquaman was DCU’s first billion-grossing movie and since then fans have been yearning for the sequel, which will finally be released at the end of this year. Reprising her role as Mera, Amber Heard will also be featured in the movie, although the details of her role haven’t been revealed yet.

Holding the record for having the shortest window between the trailer’s release and the movie’s release, the first look of the characters hadn’t been revealed until now. Recently, the new toys released by James Gunn‘s DC give a glimpse into what potentially will be the actor’s looks in the movie.

Amber Heard‘s Mera can be seen wearing the same dress as in Aquaman. Although the color variations shown in the movie through the scales present on her outfit were ditched, which perhaps might be because of the sake of maintaining ease of development for the toy. Furthermore, there were certain silver accents on the sleeves and the toy’s forearms, meaning her look can have slight changes.

Her potential new look from the Aquaman sequel was also featured on the cover of the recently released Birds of Prey #4 comic. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, there have been mixed reactions from the public so far over Heard’s potential look for the movie.

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Amber Heard’s Controversial Past Surrounds Aquaman 2 Release

Heard with ex-Johnny Depp
Heard with ex-Johnny Depp

Amber Heard has left the USA for good it seems. Residing in Spain, her past continues to follow her, even overshadowing her soon-to-be-released DCU movie, Aquaman 2. Many have been taking offense to DCU marketing her character as she has been allegedly linked to why her ex Johnny Depp left the USA.

However, Depp has left the USA and moved to London to escape the hustle and bustle of American life and relax after the trial. Since the Pirates of the Caribbean star has always enjoyed the European lifestyle London proved to be a better spot for him.

But whatever the reason might be for his departure and whether Heard was the cause of his leaving or not, the fate of Aquaman 2 lies hanging by a thread. Only time will tell whether it could replicate its prequel’s success or would be a disastrous failure like other recent DCU ventures.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will be in theatres on December 20.

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