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Despite Arrowverse Running 10 years and Attracting Scores of Young Fans, Average Age of The CW Viewers Still Remains a Whopping 58 Years Old

Meeting your favorite superheroes, like the ones from Arrowverse, on your phone screens would seem like a very foreign idea back in 2012, but that’s not the case anymore. With the advent of technology/high-speed internet and the inevitable rise of streaming service subscriptions, you can watch the stories of your favorite superheroes unfold right on your phones/laptops from the comfort of your bed or during your commute to work.

Arrowverse, which is DC’s attempts to create TV series’ with a shared universe for their superhero characters, has been quite successful. The shows in the franchise have worked well with their audiences ever since the release of Arrow in 2012, with approval ratings being consistent, too. But there’s one fact about its viewers that’s interesting but weird too.

Arrowverse FandomWire
The ensemble cast of the Arrowverse franchise

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The Average Age Of The Everyday Arrowverse Viewer Is Not Exactly What You Would Expect

It’s a running joke between adults everywhere in the world that adults who consume any form of media related to superheroes are yet to grow up, but this interesting fact about the average age of the person watching Arrowverse shows is very-very contradicting.

Arrowverse FandomWire
Characters from the Arrowverse universe

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Despite the franchise’s successful attempts at raking in younger audience members from their shows on CW, the average person who watches the shows is pretty old, like 58-years-old!

This may seem a bit shocking, but that’s quite literally how wide DC’s reach in audience members is. To be fair, whose dad wouldn’t love to see The Flash zoom faster than a fighter jet?

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This Major Deal Might Bring Some Significant Changes To The Arrowverse

The CW Network, home to all the Arrowverse TV shows, has significant changes coming its way after a deal involving stakes in the company was finalized just not too long ago.

Arrowverse FandomWire
The CW logo, home to the Arrowverse franchise

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According to reports, The CW is now starting a new era after a whopping 75% of the network’s stakes were sold to the Nexstar Media Group based in Texas. The parent companies of the network, Warner Bros. Discovery and Paramount, have not completely lost all of their stakes, as they both retain 12.5% each from the deal.

This could mean big things for Arrowverse, as reports suggest that Nexstar plans on catering towards a much older target demographic after acquiring the platform, which is very much in line with the news we just reported above!

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