Despite Being Turned into a Bloody Husk by Soldier Boy, The Boys Star Signals Return in Season 4

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Amazon Prime’s The Boys has proven to be a success over time and has become the most-watched superhero show of 2022. With its blastful ending in Season 3, fans are highly anticipating its return. To fans’ surprise, many characters from the series they thought might be gone, will reprise their roles in the forthcoming season.


Previously, in the series, the major antagonist of the series, Benjamin, a.k.a. Soldier Boy, killed his lover, Crimson Countess, but the end of the character is yet to come, as Countess survived the attack, and now her return to the series will certainly startle the fans.

The Boys
The Boys

The Boys season 4 is set to amaze fans with a twist in the tale

No character is allowed to die without the will of the writer. Based on the comic of the same name, The Boys saw the end of a major character in the third season. The Crimson Countess, played by Laurie Holden, was killed in the previous season by the antagonist.

crimson countess
Crimson Countess

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However, the creator of the series, Garth Ennis, wasn’t done with the character, as Countess will be revived in the next season. The official Twitter handle for The Boys announced the retrieval of Holden’s character in the forthcoming season.


Moreover, the actress demanded nominations for her song Chimps Don’t Cry. 

Although her return to the series was in the realm of speculation, Holden confirmed to the fans that her character is still alive.

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What’s in store for The Boys Season 4?

Simon Pegg in The Boys
Simon Pegg in The Boys

After the major success of its previous three installments, The Boys is all set to amaze its audience with its super-soon return. The show will mark its comeback with a blast, with an intriguing plotline that holds much more intense scenes than the previous installment.

No, this isn’t a paid promotion, as The Boys star Simon Pegg himself has claimed that the fans are going to have a great time watching the series. During an interview with Collider, referring to the upcoming season, Pegg said, “Fans are gonna love it.”

Fans will get to witness Pegg in a total of four episodes in season 4. The viewers can get excited about the upcoming season, as Pegg has declared that things only “get crazier” from here, which is enough to have high hopes for the series.


The first three seasons of The Boys are available on Amazon Prime to stream now.

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