Despite Conflicted Response, Attack on Titan May Have Gotten the Most Perfect Ending Possible

Despite the controversial view on the end of Attack on Titan, this might be the best ending everyone could have gotten.

Despite Conflicted Response, Attack on Titan May Have Gotten the Most Perfect Ending Possible


  • The Attack on Titan ending was disliked by many fans.
  • However, this was the best possible ending that could have been given.
  • The message was difficult to understand for some, but it was the only way the series could have ended.
  • Despite the controversial end of Attack on Titan, this might be the best ending everyone could have gotten.
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The Attack on Titan anime has finally ended after over ten years, but the series is still a hot discussion topic. The most challenging part of the story is always the ending, and this was the case with Attack on Titan, which received a significantly divergent set of responses from the fans, with the community split into two sides. However, it may have gotten the best ending that was possible.

The final shot of Attack On Titan
The final shot of Attack On Titan

The ending was very controversial and caused a clash of opinions; however, with the direction the series was destined to head and the message that Isiyama wanted to show, it was shown precisely as it should have, and this was the best possible ending fans and viewers could have hoped for.

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Fans respond to the ending of Attack On Titan

The ending of Attack on Titan was set in stone from the beginning, as confirmed by the author himself. Many fans and viewers remain dissatisfied with the ending.

There were also rumors about the anime original ending, or AOE, which would see Eren not stopping at 80% but destroying all of humanity.

Many people believe that Eren’s sacrifice was all in vain, as it can be seen from the post-credit scene that after some centuries, Paradis gets bombed and destroyed utterly.

Eren and Armin's Last Conversation
Eren and Armin’s Last Conversation

Viewers also point out that Eren showed sides he did not have, as seen when he openly admitted his love for Mikasa and his desire to be with her and not die.

At the moment, there are lots of different opinions, but the message was clear from the get-go: violence and mass genocide were never the solution.


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What message did Isiyama want to convey through the ending of Attack on Titan?

The author’s message for the story was evident: that violence and hatred are inbuilt in humans.
No matter the action or consequence, it will constantly be repeated and can never be stopped. Humans will continue to kill each other until one single person stands.

In the last shot of the series, we see a child with a dog who visits the tree where Ymir got her powers from. This could be a way for Isiyama to tease the audience about what might come in the future.

eren jaeger's detached head
Eren Jaeger’s Detached Head

There are many topics to discuss about the ending, and maybe this is what Isiyama wanted from the get-go—to keep Attack on Titan always in the minds of viewers, and he may just have achieved it.

The ending beautifully depicted that the Titans were not a problem; the real problem was and will always be humans, and they will continue this cycle of hatred.

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