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Despite Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s Lacklustre Performance, New Dragon Ball Project Already in the Works

Created by Akira Toriyama, the Dragon Ball manga and anime series has overarched in its popularity with its well-rounded characters, complex storylines, evolving lists of foes, and perhaps the most common Toriyama trait of all, a redemption arc. The Dragon Ball canon stands in a long line of anime favorites, not simply because of its characters and stories, but because anime as a whole has had a long history of enamored cult popularity and will continue to do so long after Goku is done with his food and his enemies.

Gohan Dragon Ball
Gohan’s new Super Saiyan white form

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero: A Tragic DB Saga

With Gohan and Piccolo taking the center stage in the new Dragon Ball saga, Goku and Vegeta are left behind (or rather off-planet) to focus on the two outshined fan favorites. As explained by series creator, Toriyama, the Super Hero story focuses on a more intrinsic, closed-loop story rather than the usual dynamic, peripheral, and large scale that the franchise becomes preoccupied with.

“Prior to this, the stories have taken place out in space or other large-scale settings like that, so this time I wanted to bring things back to their roots, and set the story in only a small area of Earth.”

Gohan's True Strength
Gohan’s true strength

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But it seems that the larger-than-life visualization and storylines were what the fans needed. Perhaps a bit of a cameo from Goku or Vegeta wouldn’t have hurt either. If this is the reason why Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero failed to shine remains a contending issue, as Toriyama himself claimed regarding the exclusion of the two heroes:

“While I tried to make it an interesting story, I was worried the whole time that it might be a bit plain.”

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The Future of the Dragon Ball Franchise

In the midst of Piccolo and Gohan stepping up as Z-fighters and a New Red Ribbon Army making a comeback, Akio Iyoku has stepped up the game further by revealing a new project is already in development for anime lovers. He revealed in a statement about the last franchise release:


“Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is a movie that was made not only for the Japanese audience but with the whole world in mind. Dragon Ball is a series that Japan is very proud of, so we felt a sense of responsibility while working on the movie. We’re indeed releasing it in America this summer as well!”

Piccolo Dragon Ball Super
Piccolo’s new transformation is revealed in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

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When further asked about what’s in store after Super Hero, Iyoku added:

“What comes next”? Well, if you’re asking, a new entry on the series is already in the making! Super Hero took us five years to make, so it’s only natural we’re already working on what comes next! Toriyama-sensei himself is always working on new Dragon Ball concepts and ideas, after all. We’re all thinking about what we want to show the world next.”

With that, rest assured even though the franchise has been following a divide and capture rule with their new Super Hero story, the new project might bring happier tidings than the latest franchise installment.


Source: ComicBook

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