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Despite God of War Ragnarok Being Review-Bombed, Kratos Actor Christopher Judge Wins ‘Best Performance Award’ at The Game Awards 2022

Even after becoming successful within just a month of its release, God of War Ragnarok was recently found to be at the receiving end of some serious review bombing, with certain users attempting to drag the PlayStation-exclusive action/adventure game through the mud by leaving heavy, negative reviews about it.

God of War Ragnarok
God of War Ragnarok

However, the popular video game seems to be immune to such criticism as it manages to bag multiple awards at The Game Awards 2022 after winning six titles out of nine nominations. From Best Narrative to Best Performance, GoW Ragnarok dominated the TGA 2022 by winning various such titles despite falling prey to review bombing just recently.

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God of War Ragnarok Faces Severe Review Bombing

Review bombing, in layman’s terms, is a drastic decrease in a game’s overall score that often occurs as a result of users vehemently posting negative reviews about the game on various sites, thereby shattering its score build-up. And God of War Ragnarok seems to be facing the same problem.

Developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, God of War Ragnarok is an action/adventure video game in the famous God of War franchise and was released exactly a month ago for PlayStation 4 and 5. And despite inciting positive reactions from both fans and critics, the game recently got review bombed on Metacritic.

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Users review bomb GoW Ragnarok by bashing its cinematics
Users review bomb GoW Ragnarok by bashing its cinematics

With the negative reviews pulling down the the game’s PS4 user score to a 6.1 and that of the PS5 version being around 7.9, people are lamenting about mutliple aspects concerning God of War Ragnarok that they’re displeased with, right from its visiuals down to certain technical glitches. And the situation seems to have gotten a little out of hand as many even ended up posting 0/10 reviews for the game.

However, these bad reviews definitely don’t look like they’re going to stop the video game from earning the success that it rightfully deserves.

God of War Ragnarok Brings Home Multiple TGA 2022 Wins

Even after facing the major ordeal of getting review bombed, God of War Ragnarok has done remarkably well at this year’s The Game Awards by winning as many as six awards after getting nominated for nine of them.

After witnessing incredible sales and critical acclamation, GoW Ragnarok has once again made its way through the front lines amongst the best video games of 2022.

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god of war 5 kratos
Kratos in God of War

Christopher Judge, the 58-year-old American actor who voices the demigod protagonist named Kratos in the game, was bestowed with the Best Performance Award while the single-player video game also won the Best Score and Music category. Besides that, GoW Ragnarok won the following titles: Best Narrative, Best Audio Design, Best Action/Adventure Game, and Innovation in Accessibility.

It looks like nobody can conquer the God of War after all, least of all a bunch of poor reviews.

Source: The Game Awards 2022

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