Despite Hating His 1984 Film, Steven Spielberg Claimed He Was “Fated” To Make ‘Temple of Doom’ For 1 Heartwarming Reason

Steven Spielberg feels he was fated to make Temple of Doom because of its impact on his personal life

Despite Hating His 1984 Film, Steven Spielberg Claimed He Was “Fated” To Make ‘Temple of Doom’ For 1 Heartwarming Reason


  • Steven Spielberg directed Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom but disliked the movie's dark tone.
  • Spielberg met his eventual wife Kate Capshaw on the film's sets, making him thankful for the experience.
  • George Lucas' divorce heavily contributed to Temple of Doom's darker tone
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Director Steven Spielberg has made some of the most iconic movies of all time that are ingrained in pop culture for eternity. The Indiana Jones movies Spielberg made with his close friend George Lucas are easily among his most endearing works. However, Spielberg has himself expressed a certain dislike toward the franchise’s second installment.

steven spielberg
Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg has never shied away from expressing his lack of enthusiasm for his work on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Despite this, the acclaimed filmmaker has shared one reason why he felt making the movie was written by fate. Here is why Spielberg claims he was fated to make Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and why the reason is so heartwarming.

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Steven Spielberg Shares Heartwarming Reason For Making Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Directed by Steven Spielberg, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was released in 1984. Starring Harrison Ford in the lead role and serving as a prequel to the franchise’s first installment, the movie debuted to mixed reviews. A few years later, Spielberg admitted to his disappointment with Temple of Doom while promoting the franchise’s third installment

Kate Capshaw
Kate Capshaw in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

In a documentary covering the film’s production, Steven Spielberg also called Temple of Doom his least favorite among the original trilogy of Indiana Jones movies. However, in the same documentary, Steven Spielberg exclaimed that he was fated to make the movie.

Temple of Doom is my least favorite of the trilogy. I look back, and I say, ‘Well, the greatest thing that I got out of that was I met Kate Capshaw.’ We married years later, and that, to me, was the reason I was fated to make Temple of Doom.”

Steven Spielberg married actress Kate Capshaw in 1991. The couple met while working on Temple of Doom and have remained together to this day. Therefore, despite disliking the movie, Spielberg credits Temple of Doom for bringing about a major event in his personal life, which makes his overall feelings toward the film heartwarming.


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George Lucas Was Responsible For Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’s Dark Tone

Initially, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom received mixed reviews from critics, partially due to its darker tone. Steven Spielberg was unhappy with the movie’s tone, calling it dark, subterranean, and horrific. The three-time Academy Award-winning director explained that he was unable to leave his personal touch on the final product, which made him dislike the film.

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas
Steven Spielberg and George Lucas

While the film contributed to Spielberg meeting his eventual wife, for his friend, George Lucas, who wrote the story, it was a projection of his personal problems. At the time of its making, George Lucas was going through a divorce with his then-wife, Marcia Lucas, and attributed Temple of Doom’s dark tone to his relationship problems.


Seeing how Steven Spielberg remembers the movie for contributing to his happy married life contrasts Lucas’ personal problems that shaped the final product, it is easy to see why Spielberg dislikes the movie.

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