Despite Starring in Movies Like Hulk and Top Gun 2, Jennifer Connelly is Still Terrified of “Anything that’s a little bit stunty”

Jennifer Connelly revealed how she treats movie characters, the actor is also terrified of action stunts.

Despite Starring in Movies Like Hulk and Top Gun 2, Jennifer Connelly is Still Terrified of "Anything that's a little bit stunty"


  • Jennifer Connelly revealed that she is terrified of scenes involving stunts, fearing that could potentially hurt someone.
  • The actor recently appeared in Alice Englert-directed New Zealand black comedy, 'Bad Behaviour.'
  • Connelly also revealed that she likes to disengage with movie characters after the completion of filming.
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Jennifer Connelly has evolved to be one of the remarkable stars in Hollywood. The actor has made her mark since her debut in the 1984 crime film Once Upon a Time in America. The actor has a list of vast and engrossing titles in her resume.

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Jennifer Connelly
Jennifer Connelly

The actor has appeared in several action-packed movies including Top Gun and Hulk, however, she is not an avid fan of stunts like her Top Gun 2 co-star Tom Cruise. She is a little frightened by the adrenaline-pumping scenes.


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Jennifer Connelly Is Terrified of Stunty Scenes

Jennifer Connelly
Jennifer Connelly in Bad Behaviour

Jennifer Connelly has appeared in roles across genres and she has been praised by critics and fans alike for several roles where she pushed her to the edge of the limit perfecting the characters. The finest example would be Darren Aronofsky’s 2000 Requiem for a Dream. It was an ode to harrowing disturbance from the director through Connelly and her co-star Jared Leto.


However, despite being inherently disturbing, the movie was not gore-infested. Connelly latest flick Alice Englert-directed Bad Behaviour (not to be confused with Australian miniseries of the same name coming out in the same year) took her towards yet again, another tour to the land of subtle violence. To that, the 52-year-old said:

“Anything that’s a little bit stunty, where you feel like potentially someone could get hurt, I find a little frightening, a little anxiety inducing. So it gave me a little shot of adrenaline doing that scene, worrying something could go wrong. But of course, nothing did,” Connelly said (via The Sydney Morning Herald)

The New Zealand black comedy prompted the actor to move towards what she does best, portraying a character to the cinematic essence of the narrative. 


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Jennifer Connelly Detaches Herself From the Characters She Plays

Jennifer Connelly in Bad Behaviour
Jennifer Connelly in Bad Behaviour

Disengaging from a fictional character after filming is perhaps the best thing to do for an actor. Despite being professionals, many actors find it very difficult. However, Connelly said, she detached herself from the characters she plays for the screen. 


“I wasn’t looking for parallels to my own life. When I’m working, I’m not trying to find myself in the characters or trying to draw on my own life. It’s a work of fiction, a fictional character, and finding the way to make those fictional characters feel real is for me the fun of making movies,” she told The Sydney Morning Herald.

Referring to her Bad Behaviour character Lucy, Connelly went on to say that her “behavior is quite extreme and awful at times, so how do you play that woman with love and understanding and not make her a parody?” Off the bat, Connelly added, “I didn’t quite understand her, but I really wanted to figure out how I could understand her.”

But understanding a character is a different thing than integrating it into the personal life. Connelly plays it right without compromising the essence of the characters and the narratives that demand exclusivity from it.


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