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Despite Starring In The Insanely Bad ‘Dark Phoenix’, X-Men Star James McAvoy Calls $746M Marvel Movie His Most Difficult Movie

Despite Starring In The Insanely Bad 'Dark Phoenix', X-Men Star James McAvoy Calls $746M Marvel Movie His Most Difficult Movie

We hardly come across actors as versatile, expressive, and talented as James McAvoy. From bone-chilling movies like IT Chapter 2 to the psychological thriller Glass, his intense and convincing acting has always caught the audience in awe. But for the majority of us, McAvoy is our, perhaps, the most beloved of all mutants.

James McAvoy lists his most difficult movie
James McAvoy lists his most difficult movie

Starring as the young Professor X, McAvoy has spoken up about his most difficult movie ever. Most will not be shocked to discover that it is none other than X-Men: Days of Future Past his hardest movie of all time. The actor names the Marvel hit as his most tiring movie, despite starring in its flop sequel Dark Phoenix.

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James McAvoy Calls Days Of Future Past His Most Difficult Movie

James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart in a still from Days of Future Past
James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart in a still from Days of Future Past

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James McAvoy is a meticulous actor, with a remarkable ability to showcase the most convincing and unparallel of acting ever. Seeing how much effort he puts into his roles, which by no means are effortless, it is quite apparent that he must have felt adversities while filming for a certain role. Speaking up about his most challenging of movies, he names the $746 million Marvel movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past as top of the list.

“I got more of an acting workout than I think I’ve had in any other movie. It was so deep and focused so much on Charles’ story. It was as much of an acting workout as any non-comic book movie I’ve ever done.”

Set across two different timelines of the X-Men universe, the Bryan Singer movie brings together the young and old generations of the X-Men characters. McAvoy, who even got time to share screen time with Patrick Stewart (who plays the role of aged Professor X) explains how it was difficult to keep up with the screenplay of the movie. It was particularly hard for him to keep track of the two different timelines as well as to understand and portray his character’s unwillingness to make use of his mutant powers and substance abuse journey.

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James McAvoy Loved His Most Difficult Role

James McAvoy as Professor X in Days Of Future Past
James McAvoy as Professor X in Days Of Future Past

When it comes to challenging roles like the role of Professor X with psychic powers, most actors tend to get tired and mentally exhausted by the amount of effort it takes. The same was with the Scottish Actor James McAvoy, who gladly felt at ease after taking a much-needed break from the X-Men movies. Despite all, he is all in praise of his most difficult movie ever, Days of Future Past.

“It was one of the most positive experiences I’ve had with a studio. I don’t really [see them as just] money gigs. ‘Days of Future Past’ I think is one of the better films that I’ve been involved in.”

Well, he isn’t wrong seeing the movie’s box office success and audience reactions to the movie.

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