Despite Stranger Things Stans Watching the Hell Out of It, the Umbrella Academy Has Beaten the Cult-Classic Series by a Huge Margin

Stranger Things has made people hook onto their screens for a long time now. With its fourth season releasing this July, the streaming charts have been screaming for four weeks. Unfortunately, with Netflix’s new season of The Umbrella Academy, Stranger Things have been pushed down to position number two. While Stranger Things had 2.33 billion minutes viewed, The Umbrella Academy has managed to pull up 2.45 billion minutes viewed.

Stranger Things S4 Cast
Stranger Things

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The Umbrella Academy taking over Stranger Things:

The Umbrella Academy netflix
The cast of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy

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Now it’s time to see how long The Umbrella Academy can hold on to the top spot. Its third season was released on June 22, while Stranger Things released its last two feature-length episodes on July 1. The Umbrella Academy could be easily replaced since these episodes of Stranger Things will be included in next week’s Nielsen ratings.

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There is no chance of these two shows going down any further other than the first and second positions. The next series which can be a threat is the Disney+ series Obi-Wan Kenobi. It managed to get 860 million minutes of viewing. Although the main two series are with multi-billion numbers on the top.

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Netflix wanted more seasons of Stranger Things:

Stranger Things Season 4, Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson
Stranger Things Season 4, Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson

Netflix is genuinely happy with numbers like these, but they are disappointed because the Duffer Brothers will make just one more season of Stranger Things. Since the very beginning, the series has been a hit for the streamer but the fourth season seemed to shake up the viewing numbers and got people hooked to their screens. The huge popularity of TikTok and Instagram reels must have also played a part.

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Kate Bush’s song Running up that Hill has been on the top list of the fans. They have been making constant videos on this song. The 1985 song became the first song to reach the American Billboard Top 5 when it hit number four.

Also, the meme song, Chrissy, Wake up has been constantly used by fans all over the internet. These could be the reasons for such high popularities of these shows.



Written by Kathakali Sarkar