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Despite Top Gun: Maverick Success, Tom Cruise May Be About to Sue Paramount for Making Him Lose Millions of Dollars for New Epix Deal

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After years, the movie studio Paramount has been able to successfully deliver some of the biggest hits. One of their most ambitious project Top Gun: Maverick came out as the biggest hit this year. The movie starring Tom Cruise proved that if it’s good, people will watch a sequel no matter how much time has passed. But still, Paramount doesn’t happen to catch quite a good impression as they are on the verge of getting into legal trouble. Reportedly the stars under their umbrella such as Tom Cruise and Sandra Bullock are going to lose millions because of them.

Top Gun: Maverick FandomWire
Tom Cruise at the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick

The main cause for this trouble happens to be a deal between Paramount and the American Cable TV network Epix. Epix, started in 2008, was a collective venture by Paramount, Lionsgate, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer with a failed attempt to be a competition to HBO.

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How Paramount is troubling the big names of Hollywood?

If the reports are to be believed, the stars under Paramount are getting lesser than expected. The actors mostly get the cash from the cut of the profits received after digital sales and licensing their movies. But due to a vicious deal between the studio and Epix, these figures are tremendously affected and that’s what fuels the possibility of Tom Cruise suing the studio.

Top Gun Series Reportedly in the Works At Paramount+ After Maverick's Box-Office Domination
The deal with Epix involves a short 45 days run for the movies in theaters before hitting Paramount+

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Recently, the Top Gun: Maverick making studio also got involved in a bizarre lawsuit with Top Gun: Maverick where it faced allegations of Copyright infringement. Following that, once again it seemed to have its name under fire. The main problem was raised when MGM fully bought Epix but Paramount kept its movie output deal for another five years. But shockingly despite the deal, they released Paramount+ as their own streaming platform.

As the studio was not allowed to show its own movie on its own platform, they agreed to a new deal. With this new deal, the studio agreed to bring its movies on Paramount+ after a short window of 45 days whereas Epix extended its deal with the studio by another year. Shortly after that, new deals came to the light like the deals between Sony and Netflix and Universal and Peacock. Netflix and Peacock both paid far more to the respective studios than what was given by Epix to Paramount.

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Is Paramount going to face a lawsuit?

Sandra Bullock
Besides Tom Cruise, Sandra Bullock is also a victim of the vicious deal by Paramount 

Although there is no update on the actors to file a lawsuit yet, the legal teams of the stars might opt to move on the nasty route and sue the studio. This list of stars includes Tom Cruise, Sandra Bullock, and Jackass star Johnny Knoxville. According to reports, they refused to comment on anything but it is believed that the Hollywood labor unions might take some action as their millions of amounts are also at stake due to this deal.

Source: Bloomberg