Destiny 2 Goes Baldur’s Gate 3 with New Crossover that Fans are Actually Excited For

Bungie has granted many-a-wish with this crossover.

destiny 2, baldur's gate 3


  • Bungie announces a D&D-themed crossover for Destiny 2, releasing stunning medieval fantasy cosmetics.
  • The new sets include unique armor for each class, alongside themed ships, sparrows, and ghost shells.
  • Fans are thrilled, with many expressing excitement and hoping for more crossovers in the future.
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Guardians of Destiny 2, it’s time to roll for initiative! Bungie is pulling a Baldur’s Gate 3 and going all-in with a D&D-themed crossover that features a bunch of cosmetics your character can proudly don.


Indeed, The Final Shape is ‘shaping’ up to be an expansion for the history books. Just a little under one week left to go before experiencing all the gorgeous new outfits yourself.

Destiny 2 Collaborates with DND for Stunning In-Game Cosmetics

Destiny 2 finally gets a crossover of many players' dreams.
Destiny 2 finally gets a crossover of many players’ dreams.

No longer will you have to pick between your love for medieval fantasy and futuristic space sci-fi; you can have it both starting June 4, 2024, on Destiny 2. Bungie recently announced the new collaboration on its official X/Twitter account, and to say people are excited is an understatement.


According to an official Bungie press release, these are the Faerûn-inspired looks that will be available for purchase on the Eververse store:

The new armor sets include the Apex Draconic set for Titans, the Spectral Displacer set for Hunters, and the Flayer’s Dominion set for Warlocks. Additionally, the Adventurer’s Pack Bundle will include a Queen of Dragons ship, the Owlbear Chariot Sparrow, and the Eye Tyrant Ghost shell.

You can also get Bigby’s Fist finisher and the Natural 20 emote, which will be randomly rolled each time it’s used, “as the fates designed.

It doesn’t end there, however. The Bungie store will sell a Beholder Ghost shell vinyl figure, which is based on the DND‘s universe’s floating gaze monster.


Fan Reactions Say It All: We Need More Crossovers

The floodgates are open, and people want more.
The floodgates are open, and people want more.

Unlike the reaction to the Call of Duty x Fallout collaboration leaked earlier this week, the reception towards this crossover is a lot more refreshing and positive.

People love the looks of the new cosmetics that are set to hit the game soon. There aren’t any comments asking for the designers to be fired… at least, not yet.

In fact, the reception toward the reveal is so positive, that one ex-player says they’re considering logging in again just to get their hands on the cosmetics!


Now that the game is actively participating in crossovers, fans are aching to see more of their favorite franchise make it into the game. One fan requests Borderlands, which would make for some dope outfits if it were to happen.

If The Final Shape turns out to be as good as people are hoping it will be, it might be the driving force to make Destiny 2 a force to be reckoned with again.

And, if that’s the case, there are a lot of things that would be great to see added to the game. More collaborations and crossovers are near the top of that list.


If you could decide what franchise Bungie would collaborate with next, what would you pick, and why? Do you have any ideas for how the cosmetics would look? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!


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