“That’s menacing…”: Destiny 2’s The Final Shape’s Update Leaves Fans Shaking at What’s to Come

The Witness is here to break reality and fourth walls.

destiny 2's the final shape


  • Bungie is doing things differently with error messages this season in Destiny 2.
  • The few lines of text hint at something larger about the game's narrative.
  • The Witness is going to be the central villain of the story.
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As players approach the conclusive season of Destiny 2’s journey with The Final Shape, players have already started witnessing the game’s server problems which are being communicated in an eerie manner. Players who have been trying to log into the game are being greeted by a message from the Witness, menacingly breaking the fourth wall.


The Final Shape prepares players for a new narrative that lurks between the surface of Light and Dark, offering them a chance to save humanity once again. However, much more will be revealed as the expansion fully launches and servers are back online.

The Witness Won’t Let Guardians Into the Expansion

Bungie is breaking the fourth wall with this one.
Bungie is breaking the fourth wall with this one.

As shared by user datLopes on Reddit, players are being greeted with a strange message when trying to log into the game for the first time since the update. While this could have been a simple error message for the servers not being available, the writing hints at something even larger.


Instead of the usual error message players are greeted with (when servers don’t work), The Final Shape has done things a little differently. Players are greeted with a quote that informs them about the narrative:

We seek an end to the suffering. Why do you resist…?

Bungie has made use of clever words here, as not only does this message inform players about the current state of the servers but also talks about the Witness’ arrival in the game. Moving forward, players will learn more about the true intentions of this newfound threat to the game’s universe.

Comments on the post have been a byproduct of all the hype that surrounds this expansion. After all, The Final Shape is a big conclusion to a saga that has lasted almost a decade. For instance, user Four_Shadowing’s comment on the post points to how the message has clearly broken the fourth wall.

byu/datLopes from discussion

Perhaps we will see more such messages throughout the game’s UI once the expansion fully arrives.

Who Is the Witness in Destiny 2: The Final Shape?

The Final Shape gives rise to a villain who's here to shift the fabric of reality.
The Final Shape gives rise to a villain who’s here to shift the fabric of reality.

Out of all the villains that have existed throughout Destiny 2’s long-running narrative, the Witness is likely the most eerie and enigmatic being that threatens the shape of the universe. Also known as the Entity, the Witness is a being that wields the Darkness and wishes to change the fabric of reality.

The Witness itself isn’t just a person. Rather, a collective consciousness of an entire species that was once uplifted by the Traveler. The Final Shape sees the Witness as an ongoing threat that seeks salvation with the promise of a better future.


However, players (Guardians) are now tasked with going against the Witness in hopes of bringing back peace to the universe.

What are your thoughts on The Final Shape? Do you think Bungie will keep breaking the fourth wall throughout the season? Let us know in the comments below.


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