Destiny 2’s The Final Shape Reportedly Missing February Release, Likely Thanks to Recent Bungie Layoffs

With everything that's going on around Bungie, a delay in the expansion that fans are highly anticipating might not be what it wants right now.

Destiny 2's The Final Shape Reportedly Missing February Release, Likely Thanks to Recent Bungie Layoffs


  • Destiny 2 The Final Shape was mentioned by Bungie in a press release, with the scheduled date still being February 2024.
  • Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier responded to fans on X to keep their hopes down for those expecting Bungie to release The Final Shape on time.
  • The Final Shape is expected to bring a plethora of improvements and a new episodic approach to Destiny 2.
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Destiny 2 developer Bungie has been in the midst of a lot of criticism ever since news of its layoffs, game delays, and cancellations, along with news about burnt-out developers, became public. Bungie was acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment last year, and it was later confirmed that the recent layoffs were a result of Bungie’s decision and not influenced by Sony, which directed further criticism towards Bungie.


Bungie announced its new PvP title, Marathon, back in May this year, which is now delayed to Q3 next year. Developers working on Marathon were said to have also previously worked on Destiny 2, which was cited as one of the reasons behind the developer burnout. Adding to the mystery, Destiny 2‘s final expansion, The Final Shape, which was earlier given a release date of February 2024, has also now been delayed.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Will Reportedly Miss the February Release Date

Destiny 2 The Final Shape is reportedly delayed, as reported by a Bloomberg journalist.
Destiny 2 The Final Shape is reportedly delayed, according to a Bloomberg journalist.

Bungie fans have been impatiently waiting for Destiny 2‘s final expansion, The Final Shape, which is still mentioned by Bungie as being released on February 27th next year. While fans have been waiting hopefully for the expansion not to be affected by all the uncertainties surrounding Bungie at the moment, a Bloomberg journalist, Jason Schreier, has responded to fans on the social networking site X by mentioning the expected deadline will most likely not be met.


Bungie’s latest press release mentioned Season of the Wish as the final season for Destiny 2 before The Final Shape launches next year on the 27th of February. Since the latest press release mentioned the same date as earlier announced, hopeful fans have been sharing the news on X. Schreier spent time responding to a few of the fans, asking them not to get their “hopes up.

Another user who posted Bungie could have avoided mentioning The Final Shape and the expansion’s release date if it were indeed doubtful. Schreier responded to the fan with a simple “Good Luck.” Another user mentioned Schreier might just have gotten it wrong about the rumor this time, to which Schreier laughed it off.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Expected to Bring More Episodes

Destiny 2 The Final Shape will bring an episodic approach to the game.
Destiny 2 The Final Shape will bring an episodic approach to the game.

Destiny 2 has been having a seasonal model since 2019, and The Final Shape is expected to bring more episodes to bring new content. The Final Shape will end the ongoing Light and Darkness Saga, which has been ongoing since 2014’s Destiny.


Bungie released its entire plan for the episodic approach, titled New Episodic Cadence. The first three episodes released by Bungie are titled Echoes, Revenant, and Heresy. Each of these episodes has three acts, and each act is set to run for six weeks. Each episode will provide gamers with new exotic weapons and missions. Each act will bring new quests, a new story, new activities, weapons, artifact mods, pass ranks, rewards, and new armor.

As for what’s new in The Final Shape, the narrative will take place in a brand new destination named Pale Heart, and gamers will also face a new foe named the Subjugators. Gamers looking to battle the Witness will get to do it in a new Raid and not in the main campaign. Players of each of the Destiny 2 classes will also get a new “Super” ability.

The Final Shape will also bring with it a new Fireteam Power system. This new system is Bungie’s attempt at bringing a host of improvements to the game and is expected to give players access to every activity in the game. Players will no longer have to check their Power level to access Raids or Contest modes.


Given that The Final Shape has a plethora of content for gamers to look forward to, a delay might just start to kill the mood among Destiny 2 gamers.

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