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Dexter Is Returning For 10 Episode Season In 2021

Continuation will have Michael C. Hall as the serial killer Dexter Morgan. The last season was aired in 2013.

You read it right, Dexter is back to undo its terrible ending. After a total of eight seasons (2006-2013) full of ups and downs, the murder mystery will return to TV with a miniseries starring Michael C. Hall again in the role of Dexter Morgan.

In a press release, the president of Showtime, Gary Levine said, “We would only return to this unique character if we could find a creative look that was truly worthy of this brilliant and original series. Well, I’m happy to report that Clyde Phillips and Michael C. Hall have found it. And I’m looking forward to shooting it and showing it to everyone! world! ”

Dexter Morgan was a serial killer who couldn’t contain his desires but tried to kill only those people who, in his eyes, actually deserved it. For eight long years, the viewers followed his adventures and alternately cheered on to him and the law enforcement officers who were always one step behind the “Butcher of the Bay”.

Dexter was a very compelling series at the start. Backed by the public and critics, the series won several very important awards, such as the Golden Globe for its protagonist or the best supporting actor for John Lithgow, for his amazing performance in season four that left, probably, the most surprising and unexpected final episode of the entire series.

The ending of the series was however not what fans had exactly dreamt of. Instead of bloody confrontations, the series turned into an anti-climax. The protagonist abandoned his son to become a lumberjack miles away which got poorly received by the audience.

In an attempt to erase that bad impression Dexter will be back on the screens. The series will be created by former showrunner Clyde Phillips and will feature Michael C. Hall as the title (anti) hero who expressed an interest in returning two years ago. However, news on the confirmation of the return of other actors to their roles is still awaited.

Production is scheduled to begin in January 2021 and the premiere is expected to take place at the end of next year

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Written by Muneer

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