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Diabolical Marvel Villains Amber Heard Could Play

The Johnny Depp Amber Heard case has opened up a whole new can of worms. Is Johnny Depp in the right or Amber Heard in the wrong (Yep, it’s that kind of list)? We may never know (hush, we all know). One thing is for sure though – the trial has indeed made Amber Heard (in)famous. If she ever manages to grace Marvel fans with her presence in the MCU, which diabolical Marvel villain could Amber Heard play?

Lady Death Feels Like The Perfect Role For Amber Heard

Lady Death - Marvel Comics
Lady Death – Marvel Comics

The entity known as Lady Death is the literal embodiment of death in the Marvel Universe. She is omniscient and omnipresent. Her powers are limitless. Able to jump across realities and dimension, Lady Death has only one role – spread death across all realms.

To top it off, despite having unfathomable power, Lady Death never fights her own battles. She always has a patsy who fights in her name. The last time it happened, Thanos ended up wiping out half of all life in the universe in the comic books.

Typhoid Mary Kills Men For Pleasure

Typhoid Mary - Marvel Comics
Typhoid Mary – Marvel Comics

Mary Alice Walker is sick. And we mean really, really sick. Her mind if fractured into different personas, each vying for control. The Typhoid Mary persona gives her a high fever but also near superhuman agility, speed, and strength. Her kiss can literally kill people and Typhoid Mary possesses the deadly ability to control and manipulate fire.

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But that is not even the worst part. There is another deadlier personality locked in Mary’s mind. Bloody Mary is even more sadistic and cruel. And she targets only men. So as long as you are a woman, you are safe. Pretty much the same thing with Amber Heard.

Amora The Enchantress Is The Mistress Of Seduction

Amora The Enchantress Amber Heard - Marvel Comics
Amora The Enchantress – Marvel Comics

In the comic books, Amora is one of the gravest threats the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have ever faced. Primarily a Thor villain, Amora is of Asgardian heritage. Capable of powerful Asgardian magic and sorcery, she has enticed and seduced many powerful men to do her bidding. The only hero who has ever managed to resist her charm is Thor, and Amora is secretly in love with him.

Amora’s entire backstory looks like it resonates well with Amber Heard’s. She has her way with men, uses her charm and guile to get the job done, and then moves on to another target. And she is weirdly obsessed with people who don’t give in to her tempting looks.


Moonstone Is Obsessed With Taking Down Her Nemesis

Moonstone Amber Heard - Marvel Comics
Moonstone – Marvel Comics

Not many know of this comic book supervillainess. Moonstone’s real name is Karla Sofen. She was a psychiatrist who managed to get her hands on a Kree artifact called the Moonstone. Sofen would then absorb the essence of the stone, changing her nervous system for the better. Sofen’s powers include light manipulation, gravity control, and a range of superhuman physical attributes.

We know that Zawe Ashton has been reportedly cast as Moonstone. But Amber Heard is a much better choice. Moonstone is one obsessed arch-nemesis who would stoop to any level to do her bidding. Kind of makes sense, doesn’t it?

Emma Frost Has A History Of Shifting Alliances Like Amber Heard


The telepath Emma Frost started out as a villain. She was the White Queen of the infamous mutant supervillain group – the Hellfire Club. And later on, she found her calling as a member of the X-Men. That is not to say that she hasn’t switched back and forth between being a hero and a seductive villainess.

Emma Frost is one of the most skilled telepaths on Earth. Her psychic skills are so advanced that even Professor X has trouble getting past her mental defenses. The White Queen’s fearsome reputation as a supervillain precedes her. And that blonde look reminds us of Amber Heard for some reason. We wonder why.

Morgan Le Fay Is An Immortal Witch

Morgan Le Fay Amber Heard - Marvel Comics
Amber Heard as Morgan Le Fay – Marvel Comics

Morgan Le Fay is a name well-known to people who are aware of Arthurian Legends. A witch whose magical prowess rivalled that of the legendary Merlin’s, Morgan is a mystical force to be reckoned with. Starting out as Merlin’s star student, Morgan would eventually turn to the dark side and use her magic to try and conquer the world.

Amber Heard would absolutely rock it playing an unkillable witch. She fits the role and with a bit of makeup, she could even look the part very well. Even Doctor Doom could not muster enough magic to kill her because she has faerie blood running through her veins. And we all know how terrific a fight Amber Heard puts up when pushed into a corner. So……..

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