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Did Black Adam’s Post Credits Tease James Gunn’s Suicide Squad 3?

black adam post credit suicide squad

Along with the Man of Steel 2, Black Adam may have also hinted at Suicide Squad 3. Black Adam was released in theatres, and the film has received mixed reviews so far. The film stars Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam. Despite mixed reviews from critics, fans are surely loving the film. Prior to its release, there were multiple hints about Henry Cavill’s cameo, along with the claims to take DCEU toward a better future. With Man of Steel 2 reportedly confirmed, there might be a possibility that the studio has started planning more future DC projects.

Dwayne Johnson in and as Black Adam (2022).
Dwayne Johnson in and as Black Adam (2022).

The mid-credit scene and the post-credit scene of Black Adam give hints about the possible future DCEU projects. Henry Cavill’s cameo indicates that the Justice League actor could return as Superman. However, the movie does not just give a hint at the Man of Steel sequel, as many believe that the post-credit scene also hints towards Suicide Squad 3.

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Black Adam Teases The Anti-Hero May Show up in Suicide Squad 3

The film focuses on the story of Teth Adam. However, it also introduces the Justice Society of America. Now with the release of the film, fans have started discussing what other future projects the studio will be planning. There have been reports about the Man of Steel sequel and possibly a spinoff series on Hawkman.

Amanda Waller in Black Adam trailer
Amanda Waller in Black Adam

Not just these, Amanda Waller’s appearance can also be an indication of a possible crossover between Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam and Suicide Squad. Amanda Waller also known as The Wall, assembled a group of metahumans. The first Suicide Squad was released in 2016, followed by a 2021 movie with the same name. 

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With DC moving ahead, fans believe that the studio is also planning Suicide Squad 3. After Suicide Squad, The Wall also appeared in the post-credit scene of Peacemaker. It may hint that she has more in store for Task Force X. There might be a possibility that Waller may recruit the Task Force to take down Black Adam.

Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad

As the mid-credit scene presents that Black Adam may try to explore the world outside Kahndaq. After which, Waller would send the team to go after the anti-hero. There have been reports that James Gunn had been working on Suicide Squad 3, and there might be a possibility that Black Adam gets to have a special appearance in the film.

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How Does Black Adam Connect to Suicide Squad?

Viola Davis‘ Amanda Waller can hold a connection between Black Adam and Suicide Squad. However, how it all fits in DCEU is still a big question. By the end of Peacemaker, Waller’s daughter Adebayo releases documents that prove her involvement in international crimes and the unethical Task X projects. 

Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad

However, in Black Adam, Waller still has commands and offers Justice Society a strong enough prison to hold Black Adam. So it can be concluded that things worked out well for The Wall even after her secrets were revealed, and she is still one of the influential people in US politics. 

There is also a possibility that Peacemaker takes place after the events of Black Adam, and this is the reason Waller still has the authority. 

There have been reports that Amanda Waller is soon going to have a solo series. And with the second season of Peacemaker on the way, fans will soon learn more about how Black Adam’s connection to Suicide Squad.

Black Adam is now playing in theatres.

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