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Did DC Comics Just Roast Marvel’s Avengers?

Warning Spoilers Ahead!

In a new look for Justice League Incarnate #1, DC‘s version of the Avengers took some playful digs at their Marvel Comics rivals. The Retaliators of Earth-8 are spotlighted in a trailer for the upcoming limited series, where the parodies become obvious. There is a version of the Smart Hulk, Captain America, and even Thanos in the universe.

DC: Big Baby Has Taken Up The Role Of Professor Hulk!


The Reatliators convene in New York City to discuss the missing hero, Machinehead, in a new teaser for Justice Incarnate #1 by Joshua Williamson, Dennis Culver, Brandon Peterson, Andrei Bressan, Tom Derenick, Hi-Fi, and Tom Napolitano. Big Baby (aka David Dibble) compliments Wandjin on his tea, prompting the hero to compliment the big blue baby on his “newfound intelligence” during the dialogue. On Earth-8, Big Baby has taken on the role of Professor Hulk. Meanwhile, American Crusader is concerned about Machinehead, as Doctor Multiverse appears and warns them of impending danger.

Retaliators Rampage Is The New Version For Avengers Assemble Here


Tartarus, a Thanos-like antagonist, greets the Retaliators and announces the start of his “Eternity Conquest,” which sounds similar to Thanos’ “Infinity” adventures. The Retaliators assemble as American Crusader exclaims, “Retaliators Rampage!” in his version of “Avengers Assemble!”

The Earth-8 component is a great tribute to DC’s biggest rivals since each hero and villain is plainly a Marvel imitation.

While it may appear weird that DC is openly mocking its competitors, the publisher recently published a whole event that used the Squadron Supreme to raise the question, “What if the Justice League was the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?” As a result, this is a relatively low-key situation.

Although it’s unlikely that the Retaliators will play a large role in Justice Incarnate #1, it’s still funny to witness the characters – such as their versions of Captain America, Hulk, and even Thanos – interact and mock their Marvel Comics counterparts. The Multiverse is still being embraced by DC Comics, and what better way to do so than with a nod to the Avengers-inspired heroes? When DC Comics releases Justice Incarnate #1 later this week, we can’t wait to see what other references are in store.


Written by Prachee Mishra