Did Eren Jaeger’s End Solve Everything in the World of Attack on Titan?

The protagonist, Eren Jaeger's decision to shrink most of the world's population didn't resolve all the conflicts in Attack on Titan.

did eren jaeger’s end solve everything in the world of attack on titan


  • Several fans are not pleased with the ending of Attack on Titan and expresses their disagreement on the matter.
  • The original ending of Attack on Titan did a great job at keeping the essence of the series intact.
  • An ideal conclusion for the series would've involved Eren, Zeke, and Historia work with each other to mold the world's memories.

One of the biggest controversial endings this year was Attack on Titan’s. Fans have been expressing their bitter-sweet opinions on the ordeal. Several audiences have been disappointed and wished for a retcon. Some are even sharing their ideas on how it should’ve ended. However, Hajime Isayama was dejected to announce that he won’t be changing the ending for the series.

Eren from Attack on Titan Season 4
Eren from Attack on Titan Season 4

As controversial as it gets, people are outright questioning the protagonist’s actions as they didn’t solve all the conflicts in Attack on Titan. The Rumbling was never a method to resolve all the problems in the world but rather, a way to serve a specific problem. As the decade-long saga concluded on November 4, 2023, Attack on Titan was truly a work of art.

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The original ending of Attack on Titan and Eren’s decision

Attack on Titan Season 4 Rumbling
Attack on Titan Season 4

Attack on Titan fans, may it be anime and manga, weren’t pleased with the post-credits scene. However, several viewers appreciated and enjoyed the finale. There were many nice scenes except the one involving a baby, which was heartbreaking to watch.

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However, that scene was a concrete portrayal of what made this conclusion an Attack on Titan ending! Eren’s actual actions and their consequences did a great job of showing that the story didn’t lose its essence and maintained what it had been about from day one. 

Contrary to popular belief, some people think that the ending could’ve been pulled off in a much better way. However, the original conclusion was just as satisfactory. Eren didn’t change humanity in any sense. Humanity is meant to engage in war, and Eren’s action just helped shrink the population and eradicate the powers of Titans from the world.

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Could Attack on Titan have gotten a better ending than what canonically happened?

Attack on Titan - Mappa Studios
Attack on Titan – Mappa Studios

There have been several versions of the endings for Attack on Titan, which have been woven by fans who were unsatisfied with the original conclusion of the series. Although the ideal ending of Attack on Titan would not involve season 4, it would have ended when Eren and his friends reach the sea. 

A hypothetical situation would be ideal if we’re talking about an alternate ending. In this alternative scenario, Historia, the Royal blood, suddenly arrives at the rumbling and tries to talk Eren out of it. Afterward, Eren, Zeke, and Historia work with each other to mold the world’s memories and fix the conflicts so that hatred and misunderstanding would never arise. An ideal ending would mean a peaceful coexistence of Eldians and the rest of the world. 

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