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Did Gol D. Roger Have A Devil Fruit Power & 9 Other One Piece Questions, Answered

Did Gol D. Roger Have A Devil Fruit Power 9 Other One Piece Questions Answered

There just might be an end to One Piece. But there are so many questions the series is yet to provide an answer to. Although some tough ones finally have been given a closure.

Is Kaido Un-Killable?

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It is quite easy to come to the conclusion that Kaido is immune to death. Kaido of the Thousand Beasts has the power of the Eastern Dragon. So yeas he is almost indestructible. He has the strength and durability to survive a one on one combat against literally anyone on Earth. Many call him the actual strongest pirate alive. But he is obviously not invincible or immortal. Many a times we have seen a few select individuals like Kozuki Oden managing to get past his defenses. So he can be killed if his opponent is extremely gifted.

Which Devil Fruit Ability Is The Strongest?

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There are many devil fruits that provide outstanding levels of power once ingested by a sentient being. While Kaido’s Azura Dragon devil fruit might be strong, it is not the strongest Devil fruit in existence. That honor goes to Gura Gura no Mi, Whitebeard’s Devil Fruit. This gives him the power to create tremors. The devil fruit grants stupendously high amounts of power to its user. It is said to grant Whitebeard the ability to take down an entire nation. This makes him a weapon of mass destruction on the same level as the ancient weapons of the world.

How did Kaido Become A Dragon?

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many do not know this but Kaido and Big Mom were once crewmates. They worked under Rocks D. Xebec. In an infamous incident in God Valley that happened 38 years ago, Xebec’s crew fell apart due to the actions of the Roger Pirates and the Marines. before parting ways, Big Mom have the Mythical Zoan Azura Dragon devil fruit to Kaido. Kaido ate it and earned the power of transforming into an Eastern Dragon.

Which Is The Rarest Devil Fruit?

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Devil Fruits are not that rare in the world of One Piece. But the most powerful ones end up in the hands of true heavy hitters. It is pretty hard to find a strong devil fruit and it is even rarer to find a strong Logia type devil fruit. Among the Logia type, the rarest will definitely be the Mythical Zoan Devil Fruits. up until now, we have seen only five of those in action. The most powerful amongst them will be Kaido’s Azura Dragon devil fruit. The fruit gives him the power to turn into a dragon and possibly survive underwater.

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Who Is The Strongest Haki User?

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Haki is a power that lies within us all but only a few manage to unlock it with extreme discipline and training. Amongst the few people who manage to unlock Haki, there are only a few who become absolute powerhouses. Luffy is trained in Haki by Rayleigh, in Ruskaina, the Island of 48 seasons. The strongest users of Haki are Gol D. Roger aka the Pirate King, and Edward Newgate, also known as Whitebeard.

Did Gol D. Roger Have A Devil Fruit Ability?

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Gol D. Roger is referred to as the original king of the pirates. He was the one that ushered in a new age of piracy. With his final breath, he revealed the existence of the One Piece treasure. The legendary tale led to many aspirants taking on the role of pirates to search for it. Luffy was one of those new age pirates. In the world of One Piece, the strongest of pirates have a devil Fruit ability. Gol D. Roger was called the Pirate King. But sadly he did not have a Devil Fruit power. From what we have seen from flashbacks, Roger solely relied on his Haki in battle. He was strong enough to fight foes like Whitebeard and Kozuki Oden.

What Is Shanks’ True Power?

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Another powerful individual who is frequently mistaken as a Devil fruit user, Shanks made it to this list because of a very specific question. We are yet to see Shanks unleash his actual potential in the anime and manga. We know for sure that Shanks is the only Yonko with no Devil fruit ability. He relies solely on his Haki to give him an edge. Shanks true power is his mastery of all the three forms of Haki. Since he is a rival of the master swordsman Mihawk, who has been able to cut an entire ship into pieces with a single sword slash, it is safe to assume his swordsmanship skills are also unparalleled

Who is Kozuki Oden And How Powerful Is He?

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Kozuki Oden was a legendary fighter dating back to older times when Luffy was not even born. Oden was the Daimyo of Kuri. He was a legendary Samurai who bore incredible skills with a Katana. Kozuki Oden was so strong the likes of Whitebeard and Kaido considered him a tough rival to beat. There is a legend that Oden once fought Kaido of the Thousand Beasts for days and even managed to injure him, something that was thought to be impossible before. oden was publicly executed by the Shogun of Wano, Lord Orochi, for inciting a rebellion against him.

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Who is The Strongest Marine In One Piece?

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The Marines form one third of the three corners of the world in One Piece. The Three Great powers – the Marines, the Four Emperors, and the Seven Warlords of the Sea, maintain the balance of power. Within the Marines, the greatest warrior is undoubtedly Monkey D. Garp. Garp had a role to play in bringing down Rocks D. xebec and even fought Gol D. Roger. he also happens to be Monkey D. Luffy’s grandfather.

Who Will Take Down Kaido Of The Thousand Beasts?

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The answer might be a lot closer to home than you think. The one man who managed to come mighty close to taking down Kaido was Kozuki Ode, the legendary Samurai of Kuri. Nobody has been shown to be capable of challenging Kaido to a stalemate. But there is a theory that the strongest pirates of the worst generation who are currently in Wano Country will one day open its borders. This would pave the way for them to finally defeat Kaido. And the man who will lead the charge is Monkey d. Luffy of the Straw Hat Pirates.

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